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Sassypants Posts: 4461
Hi Ladies, I'm just wondering... who here has managed a proper "budget wedding"? My HTB and myself just got engaged 3 weeks ago and I'm freaking out as we have NO money and we're hoping to get married next year (just not into long engagements). Realistically the most we can save is about 4K. I have my dress already and have plans to do things really really cheaply (400euro flowers, flower girl dresses for 25euro) but I just would like to hear from someone who's done it so I can calm down! thanks :lvs
Ilovetoast Posts: 2267
Im working with a bigger budget but i do think it can be done!!! * try get 2nd hand silk flowers.. * try this photographer * dont have a band, just a dj for the whole night. * make your own cake! or use the marks an spencer wedding cakes! (use your bouquets to decorate them when you get back to the hotel) * Dont bother with wedding cars! you wont miss them, get a relative who has a nice car to drive.. or else ring a car company a few days before the wedding and offer them 100e for a car. * decorate the church with candles not flowers. * keep you eye on the buy and sell section here, people are selling amazing stuff fro next to nothing! * make your own invites * get a friend to do the church music or ask the local school if their choir will sing! * cut out what people wont miss at the meal, like an option, just have the beef and the veg option :o)ll
rosiemama Posts: 3363
our budget was 7k, but i don't feel we scrimped on anything at all so i'm sure it can be done on 4k. - we had a friday wedding with only family and close friends invited to the ceremony and meal and then a big party in the evening. (we would have done this regardless as we wanted it to be more intimate, neither of us like to be centre of attention), this meant that we could splash out a bit on the meals, room decor, favours etc in the smaller room and keep it to a minimum in the larger room for the evening. - got silk flowers off ebay which were stunning and love that i still have them now. - used one car that did two trips - got a reasonable photos - only photographs package, still to make up album but we can do that when we can afford to - sister's boyfriend did our video for us as a wedding present - my dress was the one thing i wasn't compromising on, although i did see lots of gorgeous dresses when i was looking from as little as €300. - no band, just dj for the evening party who was also a friend so did a great job for us - BMs dresses bought in the Coast sale for €49 each! - church music was €180 for singer / guitarist - got a plain 3 tier cake from local bakery and decorated it myself with cake topper and ribbon from ebay - haggled with hotel to get as much extra thrown in as possible (we got free juice on tables, free tea and coffee for when we cut the cake, upgrade of evening buffet to the next option for the price of the basic, discounted rate on rooms for second night)
RinkyDinkSlink Posts: 730
:o)ll :o)ll Budget Brides FTW!! :o)ll :o)ll We're also on a budget for next year and the venue and photographer (our two main priorities) seem to be eating into that quite a bit so we're going to be making a lot of things ourselves and trying to save money that way. Even little things like the centerpieces, we know what we want, we'll make it ourselves so there's no need for the hotel to supply them so they can take that money off the bill or else throw in something we do want in place of them thank you very much! It is all about haggling and shopping around and perhaps even being a bit of a bossy nightmare wagon you wouldn't normally be. One place where we're making savings is sheer numbers, like 60 people as opposed to 250 or 500 (that many people looking at me at once would give me a nervous breakdown :o0 ) so if you find that you're really stuck you can cut back there. Mid-week is the way to go, as is not being at the height of wedding season (Spring/Summer). Congratulations on your engagement, you'll have to keep us all up to date on how your planning is going! :)
luckyladee Posts: 2550
Hi there, We're also on a tight budget. We're working off 10k and a guest list of 120. Now obviously, reducing the numbers would make significant savings so if you can manage to stick to 60 or so for the full day you should make a 4k budget fairly manageable I would have thought. We're doing a lot of things mentioned above. Our venue isnt a hotel so the venue and caterer together are taking up about 60% of our budget and the band (which was the next most important think to us is another huge expense (but cutting this in favour of a dj would def make your budget feasible). Here are some of our other savings Cars - using my parents cars - two mercs Photos - my brother is a photographer so he's doing them as a wedding present Video - not having one BM dresses - monsoon dresses from ebay - 50 euro each Church music - family members singing/playing Cake - my nana and I making it together All stationary - my cousin is making it Wine/Champagne - getting on sale and in UK my dress - managed to get a bargain somehow - 800 euro (including alterations) veil - ebay for 20 and its great flowers - my nana buying these as a present suits - renting from black tie on special offer of 65 euro per suit decorations - using what venue provide along with some bits bought on ebay So my advice would be that you need to keep your numbers small and assess the expensive things like band / photographer / dress and ask yourself what you can live without or can happily go for the cheaper option on. But you can definitely do it!
candypants Posts: 8575
God girls your doing great. We have a budget of 10k but hope to spend as little as poss if i can. There are dresses, new and once worn in the buy and sell section, you'll get a bargain there. BM we got from ebay. FG dress from here on sale for €15 Silk Flowers No Band just Dj Numbers for meal are60 (got a brill deal) Big afters but its only finger food to be supplied here. No car, walking to church. And am in th process of sourcing cheap invites. Evening ones i might get from a card shop, so then i only need about 35 day ones.
confusedmum2012 Posts: 325
Hi, I'm supposed to be on 10k budget but H2B keeps adding to the guest list - its getting impossible! Quite a few ladies on this thread have mentioned silk flowers, where could I source them from?? :-8
candypants Posts: 8575
[quote="nervousbride2011":1t6nbgme]Hi, I'm supposed to be on 10k budget but H2B keeps adding to the guest list - its getting impossible! Quite a few ladies on this thread have mentioned silk flowers, where could I source them from?? :-8[/quote:1t6nbgme] Im getting mine from allaboutweddings.ie Michelle is a gem to deal with.
RinkyDinkSlink Posts: 730
You could try either Etsy or eBay nervousbride2011. I ADORE Etsy, and it is going to be my main source of inspiration. I even have my eye on a few dresses there, they're between $300 - $700 (€200-€500), handmade and simply amazing, definitely worth a look for anyone still looking for clothes, favours, finishing touches and non-flower bouquets.
Sassypants Posts: 4461
Fair play to ye ladies, some great ideas there. As I said, we got engaged 3 weeks ago but have realistic ideas for what we want. Funnily enough, we've decided on about 60 for the ceremony and reception and then a huge party afterwards. Here's what we've kind of planned so far (without setting a date yet) Dress - purchased in USA for $63 (€45!!!) Photographer - good friends of ours are professional wedding photographers so will either do it for free or for "mates rates" - this bit we don't mind spending money on tho for the memories Cake - future MIL doing for free Invites - one of our friends doing for free Music - i pod (is that too tacky???) we're hoping to have a registry office so no flowers for that and we're doing everything in Dublin city centre so walking everywhere or taxis if it's raining. Hopefully it's gonna work out, we've a few bits sorted. Thanks for all the replies, I'm totally thinking it's possible now :o0 :hyper: :yelrotflmaosmilie: