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Ladysheba Posts: 88
Hi Girls, Hope you are all well on this Monday morning !! I know this has probably been done a million times before, but i just sat down lastnight to do up my budget and its kinda scaring me. Its coming to over 16grand at the mo and thats just covering hotel, flowers, music, clothes, and all the other little thingys. Not including honeymoon, so at this stage i dont think there will be one! So basically, my question to you girls is can you send me on your lists of absolutely everything down from the little things like garters to the major things like entertainment that you have included and budgeted for, just to help me make up my final draft. Thanks for your help xxxx
MinnietheMinx Posts: 2396
Hi LadySheba, These are what we have budgeted for. I've left out the venue and I've put in estimated amounts for dress, stationery etc. I realise you may spend more/less on some items Expenses -850.00 Church Fees (incl registration & PM course) -200.00 Church Music -1,200.00 Wedding Rings -500.00 Flowers -1,000.00 Wedding Dress -300.00 Accesories -100.00 Shoes -200.00 Hair/ Make Up -750.00 Bridesmaid Dresses 0.00 Bridesmaid Shoes -300.00 Bridesmaid Hair/ Make Up -100.00 Grooms shoes -540.00 Groomsmen Suits (Groom is Free) -120.00 Gifts Mothers -200.00 Gifts Groomsmen/ Bridesmaids -2,000.00 Band -300.00 DJ -800.00 Photographer -350.00 Cake -400.00 Stationary -129.00 Wedding Insurance -10,339.00