budget wedding dress

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tlily Posts: 19
hi :wv can anyone point me in the right direction..any sales on? any department stores? i havent a clue where to look!! im looking for a cheap dress? budget of around €200 thanks in advance tlily :lvs
molarkey Posts: 19
Try Oxfam in Georges Street. They have new and once worn dresses.
veryv Posts: 970
My friend got her dress in Barnardos bridal in Carlow. They have a bridal dept in their shop where bridal shops donate dresses. All dresses are new, ex-samples. Her dress is gorgeous, cost 250euros. I think there's another Barnardos bridal in Dun Laoighre (sp)
circus123 Posts: 379
hi, Ireland Am are doing a bridal piece tomorrow of dresses at sale prices, you might get some tips from it. good luck :)
tlily Posts: 19
thanks everyone will give them a go
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Give Debenhams a try, they have gorgeous dresses in there nder e200 I think this is stunning [img:1r9585os]http://debenhams.scene7.com/is/image/Debenhams/008010351685[/img:1r9585os]