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jemmaremma Posts: 36
Hi lovelies! Recently engaged here and am getting married in late 2015 - we've already found our venue but I wanted to post to ask if anyone else is as surprised as I am regarding the cost of suppliers (band, photographer, florist etc)! I also wanted to ask if my fellows B2b's had any hints/tipsfor negotiating prices with suppliers?! Is this something that is common practice? And do you know if suppliers price themselves expecting to grant some level of discount? Any hints or tips would be much appreciated ladies! Thanks, Jemmaremma
MrQ Posts: 1085
A wedding is very romantic and very personal and suppliers have played on that fact when speaking to my oh. It was quite annoying really because I was mostly ignored, as the male. They will tell you their product or service shouldn't be scrimped on because it's the most important. Try to look at the day objectively because you won't be led by anybody else. You will find out that prices do not necessarily reflect quality. I've found some photographers are charging a lot because they have a city centre studio or have staff whereas another photographer much cheaper may in fact be much better. Remember to create an excel budget file with formulas so that when you change a cell that all sub totals and similar totals change also. You might find that you can save here and there and put that towards something else. We started without knowing the prices precisely so over time the figures became more realistic. We had a budget of 52 weeks savings and figured out 15 weeks in that we'd only need about 37 of those weeks because we got concrete prices.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I don't think many suppliers are overpriced, it's just that you're rarely hiring so many all at once. Expensive isn't always bes but beware of really cheap deals on photos abs DVD, those are the things you'll have forever. I'd spend on food and entertainment as guests won't care about expensive flowers and limos. I also wouldn't overspend on your dress, don't be swept up by shops. Ask for discounts and look for favours like using nice family cars not hiring them. We didn't bother with things that weren't important to us like a cake or favours or huge bridal party.
Bmaris Posts: 37
ACS+1. I don't believe all suppliers are overpriced either. A lot also depends on what you're looking for. Someone may say they have an excellent band for €1200 someone else paid €2500 for a band. Both are excellent bands but Band 1 is a three piece band and band two is 7 piece with brass section. It's not comparing like with like. It's the same with flowers , look for flowers that are in season, do you need 4 alter arrangements and 2 pedestals in the church door etc. The suppliers are always going to show you the FULL PACKAGE, and they're a business fair enough , but most will have alternative packages to suit your budget. Get some ideas together of what you'd like and work out a budget , then start pricing around and see how you get on. And like MrQ says, most expensive isn't necessarily the best but likewise if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Just double check everything, talk to past brides, see as many samples of their work as you can ,not just 3 or 4 shots of various weddings etc. Meet the suppliers , some of them you're going to be spending a lot of time with so you really need to know you'll get on with them. It's very daunting starting out but take your time. Enjoy your planning ;-)
craftyPB Posts: 2625
We've booked Ballymagarvey also, we're dealing with Niamh. We got the Country Harvest package for our wedding in May 2015. We've gotten the corkage down to 10, use of the chiavari chairs, fish and chips for evening reception, and other little extras...if you don't ask!! We've gotten good deals for band and florist also...
dmcphotography Posts: 1365
Hi jemmaremma I sent you a PM re suppliers near your venue that I have worked with and who I am more than happy to recommend to you for the quality of their work and their service. David