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Bazinga T McBinkers Posts: 4718
Need help urgently girls, my mums 50th tomorrow and have found out via phone that caterers that were to arranged - weren't! So need some salad-y recipes, so any nice potato salad, pasta, noodle salad recipes out there? Need to do some serious shopping tonight! Any other cheap and quick recipes for anything that I can cook tonight?
NittyGritty Posts: 1605
[b:1wabx4kk]Potato Salad[/b:1wabx4kk] Baby new potatoes (boiled, cooled and cut into pieces) Mayo Salad Cream Bacon Bits Red/Spring Onion Salt and pepper to taste [b:1wabx4kk] Cous Cous Salad[/b:1wabx4kk] Cut into small pieces and oven roast: Courgette, Red Onion & Peppers Make cous cous with chicken or veg stock Mix together with corriander (optional) This is also nice with olive oil and balsamic vinegar mixed through [b:1wabx4kk]Egg Mayo[/b:1wabx4kk] Eggs, mayo and spring onion [b:1wabx4kk]Bruschetta[/b:1wabx4kk] Cherry tomatoes, cut into small pieces Spring Onion Basil Garlic Mix with olive oil and salt Serve on toasted ciabatta or french stick slices, rubbed with garlic and drizzled with olive oil [b:1wabx4kk] Smoked Salmon Rolls[/b:1wabx4kk] Spread cream cheese and smoked salmon over tortillas, roll and slice (This is also nice with ham and cream cheese or chicken and salsa) [b:1wabx4kk] Prawns in Marie Rose[/b:1wabx4kk] Doesn't need much explanation, mix prawns with shop bought (cause life's too short) marie rose sauce and a squeeze of lemon. Decorate a pyrex dish by placing sliced lemons around the edges and fill with the prawns. [b:1wabx4kk]Caeser salad with chicken & bacon[/b:1wabx4kk] Again, shop bought dressings are fine I think. Mix leaves with dressing (or leave on side for guests to help themselves), chicken, bacon, croutons and fresh parmesan. Or you could also marinade or rub spices (like cajun) into chicken before cooking and add). Humous Salsa Sour Cream & Chive Cheeses Cold meats Crackers & crusty bread Eh... think that's it for now. I'll keep thinking!
reine Posts: 1771
Broccoli, feta, baby tomato and hazelnut salad (roast the hazelnuts till golden and rub off the skins) Pasta salad - pasta, pesto, baby tomatoes halved Mozzarella, tomato and basil salad Salade nicoise... Boiled baby potaotes halved, cooked green beans, sliced red onion, lettuce, boiled eggs, tuna, anchovies... Mixed with vinaigrette. Greek salad - lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, feta... Mixed with vinaigrette. Green salad. Garlic potatoes. Cooked baby potatoes chopped up and mixed with mayo, garlic and maybe a touch of wholegrain mustard. Spring onions optional.
Penny Hill Posts: 1898
Do some ham platters (salami, serrano, parma etc) Maybe a cheese board too. Selctions of Paté and crusty breads, or melba toasts Pasta Salad: Pasta, basil and olive oil, some cubed smoky bacon bits, basil pesto.