Bugaboo Cameleon/frog/Greko or Jane please help???

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B2B0405 Posts: 18
Hi, I am still trying to figure out what the best buggy/travel system would be to buy. If anyone can help with my queries below I would be so grateful. Just wondering if anyone has the bugaboo stroller with the pram attachment. How did you find it. Could the pram be used instead of a Moses basket ? Would you recommend. I was also thinking about the Jane Salom pro. Any advice here? Thanks so much
july0205 Posts: 29
We were looking at both recently. We eventually decided on the Bugaboo Cameleon - the main reason being the weight - I have a bad back at the best of times and it was nearly 10lbs lighter - which I figured was the weight of the baby! The cameleon pram attachment can be used as an overnight sleeper too. We went to Tony Kealys and found the staff great for advising us - they spent over an hour going through the options on both. Also - although the Jane looks cheaper - when you add all the bits on there was only 20 euro in the difference. Happy shopping!
Marriedwoman Posts: 60
I believe the Bugaboo is the celebs' choice of stroller. Personally I think it's way overpriced and people are only buying it because of the apparent cachet of having a 'trendy stroller' There are far cheaper ones on the market which are just as good. I think you are only paying for the name!
Gerbera Posts: 539
I bought the Graco Mosaic Travel System last week (early I know) but the main reasons for buying it were how light it was, it folded umbrella style, was compact and had the car seat. The reason why I bought it so soon was that because it was last years colour ie Black rather than Denim, it was half price in Smyth's. I couldn't have left it behind. I had a Hauck travel system on my last child and it was so cumbersome, heavy, awkward when folded etc that I suppose I learned my lesson for this time around!
Lily9 Posts: 40
Hi, I got the bugaboo cameleon and would recommend it. The frame is a bit heavier to use than i had imagined, but it is hugely versatile. I have used the pram part as a moses basket downstairs and basically wheeled the baby from room to room when asleep depending on where i was, very handy. In addition the car seat fits directly onto the frame of the buggy unlike a lot of other systems, so there is no need for a cumbersome travel system when out for the length of time that the baby fits into a group 0 seat. (we got a maxi cosy but i think graco fit as well). The whole thing is very nippy, lovely to manouver and has an easy action for flipping the handle bars around depending on whether you want the baby facing you or not, or whether you want to big wheels to the front or back depending on the terrain. There are lots of other bits and bobs that are good about it too. The other one we considered was the quinny buzz, but the wheel base is much wider and we reckoned it could be a hassle to manouvere in and out of doors and around shops, but can't say for sure. HTH
B2B0405 Posts: 18
Thanks for the advice. Lily 9 Would you mind me asking how much you paid for your cameleon and what colour would you recommend ? Thanks Again
Lily9 Posts: 40
I got it in sand and grey cos didn't fancy the brighter colours: [img:z1zj5v5q]http://www.babyuniverse.com/product_images/pic/455/l7455-84069.jpg[/img:z1zj5v5q] i think it cost circa €800, but you have to buy the car seat separate. It was close in price to the jane and the quinny when all the required bits were added in, but was still more expensive than them
B2B0405 Posts: 18
Thanks Lily9. It looks fab.