Bugaboo Donkey - is it worth it?

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HelenOC Posts: 96
I'm seriously tempted by the bugaboo donkey as it would be easy to convert to a duo if we have another lo (fingers crossed) in the future. Have any of you ladies used it and if so what do you think? Also I assume you have to buy the carseat and base separately or is there anywhere that does it as part of the deal? Thanks!
MrsMommy Posts: 1112
I've been giving it some serious thought, however I've been reading up a lot about it, and really if the age gap is more than 2.5 years it's not worth it since the seats are narrower than than that in the Cameleon. I really wanted it, but now I'm not so sure. You do need to buy the car system separatley.
strangeangel Posts: 1269
Can't really answer the question from experience since we haven't got ours yet, but it's on order after much agonising over it. The seat is narrower than the Cameleon, but it's also longer, which is good. DD isn't huge so I'm hoping it will suit her as long we need her in it. We're still very reliant on a buggy when out and about with her and need a double as she wouldn't manage a buggy board at this stage. Re. the bundling with car seat etc, it would depend on what the shops offer, but it's worth ringing around as we got the initial price we were quoted down by a bit after ringing around and getting agreements to match and then undercut what we'd been offered elsewhere.
Mommy2Two Posts: 704
I've the Cameleon and love it. Ordered the Donkey a few months ago but hadn't really looked at anything else. I went back to see it and two things turned me off - it's pretty huge when folded down and really filled the boot of the car; I thought it was very wide to push. In the end I cancelled it and bought an iCandy Peach. Take a look at that maybe as it can work as a single and double too. I think that if I were having my first baby I would buy the Donkey - it's realtively good value then. However for me, I don't think I'll use the pram as much with this baby - I can't see DD sitting in a shopping centre for hours while the baby snoozes and I chat over coffee! I'd hope to get out for a walk most days but I'm going to use the carseat for that. I didn't think it was good value then. The other thing I liked about the Donkey was both babies can turn both ways. They can in the iCandy too. Price wise this is how they compare: Donkey - €1400 iCandy Peach - €930 I picked up a used Peach for €430 :-) HTH