Bugaboo pram with a buggy board?

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Dub M Posts: 269
HI all, Has anyone used a buggy board with the bugaboo pram? Ive a bugaboo chameleon which I love and use every day. My DD is 14 months and will be 22 month when baby arrives so Im hoping to avoid a double buggy due to €€. Shes not yet walking so it makes me think she wont be a great walker at 22 months. Im looking at getting a buggy board but will it fit on the bugaboo with the bassinet?I wonder would she be squashed up against it. Between that and a sling im hoping ill be able to keep using my current buggy. Thanks in advance!
Asscher Posts: 732
This may be an option for you. I saw a woman use it on holiday last year. My DS will be going on 3 so think we'll manage with him just standing on a board but thought this was great for little ones that would get tired standing.
Dub M Posts: 269
Thanks Asscher will check that out. I love my bug and don't want to sell it but my lo is showing all the hallmarks of a slow walker so looks like the newborn will be in the sling a lot. We walk loads so id prefer the baba laid flat in pram and dd1 on a board.