Bugaboo Pushchair - too small?

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tricky99 Posts: 118
We are on the verge of just giving in an buying a bugaboo because I like th carry cot but my gut feeling is the pushchair is very small for a growing baby and padding is limited compared to some other puchchairs. Can anyone say how they find the pushchair as they are so new on the market you rarely see a 2-3 year old in a bugaboo. Also, the footmuff is likely a necessity right? It just seems crazy that every little component even bag holders needs to be purchased separately for the bugaboo - a money racket but there really isnt a comparable alternative. It would kill me spending so much on a travelsystem that lasted only a year or so. Would welcome your feedback
carlie Posts: 100
Hi, My brother and SIL bought one for us as a present for the baby as they have one for my little nephew who is 1 and a half now and they think it is the best invention ever. My sIL says he'll get a good while out of it yet. We put it together last week and I have to say it is so light even with the carry cot on but very sturdy. I bought the foot muff and looking at it you would definatley need it with our weather. I have to say it is lovely, when they said they would buy it for us originally I was nt so sure that I really wanted one but now I am delighted we got it, Im going mad pushing it around the house all the time. cant wait to have the baby now to put it in it. carlie
justwaitin Posts: 2462
I know the bugaboo is picey but well worth it. i never bought the clips for tha bag when i got mine i either hang it if the handle bars or stick it underneath. the footmuff is definietly an essential item. I have the parasol but not really keen on it dont use it much. If ur limited in the accesoires go for the footmuff. there are pros and cons to all prams but i really think the bugaboo is great. I saw a 2 to 3 yr old one in the pushchir and was fine in it. My ds is 6mths and has plenty of growing room in it i also used to push it around the house before ds arrived, my dp thought i had finally gone mad.
mummy bear Posts: 3824
thats great feedback thanks girls, really love the bugaboo