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eilis7640 Posts: 9
Hi there We're shipping for our first travel system and we've narrowed it down to the bugaboo, Uppa baby vista and the Quinny and we're torn between all three. Personally I love the bugaboo for the simple fact that you can wash all of the material,I like the fact that the pram in the Uppa baby is higher and I like the way the Quinny folds up so easy Could anyone advise as to which is best based experience???
Poppyseed Posts: 513
Hi Ellis, I'm gonna throw a spanner in the works here - have you seen the Joolz? They sell them in Bella baby. They have an offer at the moment for the chassis, bassinet, stroller seat, changing bag, adaptors, foot muff, shopping net, cup holder, maxi cosi & base for €1,100 (I think). The Joolz is much higher than the bugaboo & folds with the stroller seat. Might be worth a look. Without the seat attached, it folds really small. I'm between the bugaboo, the Joolz & the uppa baby. It's such a hard decision!! I really like the look of the bugaboo, and the fact it's so light but the fact it's so low is its only downfall in my opinion. The new chameleon has a grand big storage basket whereas the one in the Joolz in much smaller but you do get the shopping bag thing that clips onto the back. With the uppa baby, I like the fact it has been certified for overnight sleeping (not that baby will be in it overnight but it's handy if we were going away for a night). Aesthetically I don't like the silver sun canopy thing on the inside of the hood. My head is melted! thank God I have a while yet to make my decision!!! :wv
gopro Posts: 1801
we've te uppa baby n love it the sun canopy doesn't look great but DD was born in June n it's was brill over the summer when out walking and keepin the sun off her we never planned on using it over night but ended up havin to stay in parents one night and it was great. DD is almost 5months and we stil use the pram she loves been in it. the shoppin basket is a bril size too
Onyx Posts: 45
Bluebear Posts: 1594
I have the bugaboo cameleon & love it! It's so easy to steer, the shopping bag underneath in quite large & DD is also so snuggley in it. Its quite narrow so it fits through even the narrowest of gaps (its only when you have a baby you notice the amount of idiots who park on the pavement >:o( ). Another huge bonus for us (DH is tall) is that you can adjust the height of the handles. Yes it's pricey but well worth the money imo. my friend bought a cheaper travel system & ended up shelling out for a different car seat, stroller at a later point because she found it cumbersome. I'm about to enter the world of double buggies which is a whole other head wreck :o0
Poppyseed Posts: 513
Bluebear - can I ask if you found the bugaboo very low? The lady in the shop today was saying that lots of people don't buy the bugaboo as you end up bending down a lot and this is particularly troublesome after a section. Would love to hear ur thoughts on this. Thanks :wv Ps. If you are looking for a double would you consider the Donkey?
belcra Posts: 1097
Poppyseed - which Bella Baby were you in? We were there too yesterday in Cork and heard all the same stuff. I went in to question differences in iCandy, Bugaboo and Uppababy Vista. iCandy can't be got, Bugaboo too low and then it was between the Uppavista and the Joolz which I felt they were really pushing. Mixed reviews on the web though! I really want the iCandy but difficult to source so had been thinking the Uppababy then. I left the shop yesterday thinking definitely the Joolz but a bit concerned now over some bad reviews on line.
Poppyseed Posts: 513
Belcra - I wonder if we were dealing with the same lady! :o0 She was really pushing the Joolz. I really liked it but two things stood out (1) the basket is tiny (2) my husband thought the stroller seat was too high. I also thought the wheels looked really big, like they looked out of proportion or something. I always loved the iCandy too but i think the colour choice is a bit limited. If that's what your after try Tralee Nursery supplies- we were there recently and they didn't mention anything about a supply issue. You could just ring them rather than going down. They deliver for free too.
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
My sister has the Bugaboo and it is a lovely pram to push but it doesn't convert into a double. I have the Uppababy Vista and you can get a rumble seat to attach if you are thinking on a second baba close together to the first. Food for thought.
Bluebear Posts: 1594
Poppyseed I answered your other thread :o0 Sounds a bit like a hard sales pitch to me. Now I had a natural birth so bending over wasn't an issue but when I bought the bugaboo in Tony Kealys there was no reference to sections and difficulties getting baba in and out of pram. Not sure about the donkey, think it might be too wide. Not mad on the idea of a tandem- always feel sorry for the kid underneath. Think I'm in denial I'll be parking the cameleon :o0