Bugagoo owners- quick question

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Bgerk Posts: 118
We got our Bugaboo over the weekend and put it together. Everything is fine and I love it- the only thing I was a little concerned about was the handlebar. It seems a little loose- like you can push it up and down by about an inch. We live ages away from the shop so dont really want to go all the way back- i called them and they just said there is always a little movement but bring it in if we're worried. Anyone else's like this? I just thought that in the shop when we bought it the handlebar was very firm, i could be wrong though. Thanks
blondiechick Posts: 1641
We have one (well, we are getting one...a hand-me-down from my sister!). I have pushed my little nephew around in it loads of times and the handle is very secure, it doesn't move like you are saying. I would bring it back if I were you, the handle should be firm.
neeov Posts: 4256
There is a little play on our handlebar but not an inch. Is it properly engaged? Press in the little levers that you use for folding in and move the handle bar forward. The bring it back down into normal position. It should snap into place quite firm.
Bgerk Posts: 118
Thanks for your replies- I'll head back to the shop and check it out.
one of each Posts: 1277
we asked in the shop about this when we collected ours two weeks ago and they saif thats normal.