bugaloo prams?

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SUZIE rock Posts: 21
just wondering has anyone bought or know much about the bugaloo prams? i saw one today and thought it was lovely and the lady who had it said it was very good and light but expensive! does it have a car seat? what is the best pram to buy?
All Loved Up Posts: 135
Bugaboo - if you search on here you'll find loads of old discussions. I am craving one!!!
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
Hi Suzie Rock, I am also craving a Bugaboo Cameleon - but not the price!! They are around €900 but that does not include the car seat/base. That would be an extra €300 - and then if you add on the foot-muff or parasol they are extra too. They are fab though. Check out www.bugaboo.com Lots of nursery stores in Ireland stock them. If you are in the Dublin area www.tonykealys.ie stock them. Happy shopping :wv
SUZIE rock Posts: 21
i was really impressed by it today, the baby loved so cosy in it and the mum was really happy with it....and this was her 5 child!! its such a pity its so expensive... its a great idea if you see a pram you like to ask the parent what they think about it, its alway really helpful!
alton Posts: 3077
I'm considering naming our child Bugaboo if the company are interested in a sponsorship deal.
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
We picked up ours last weekend!! I'm totally and utterly in love with it!! :o0 :o0 I can honestly say I have looked at it a million times in the spare room and brought it for a walk from bedroom to bedroom a trillion times! Yes it's expensive but as far as I know Tony Kielys have 150euro off it at the moment. Get saving girls, you won't be happy settling for something half the price!!!! You all deserve it :o)ll :o)ll
SUZIE rock Posts: 21
Thats great, i just love it, think i might have to get it...!!