Buggy board with seat/revelo kid sit

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Buzzo Posts: 1055
Hi ladies, Has anyone any experience of this buggy board - the Revelo Kid Sit? [url:vdg7joi0][/url:vdg7joi0] Or alternatively does anyone have any other buggy-board-with-seat recommendations? It's kinda pricey, but if it means we don't have to buy a double buggy I'm all for it. DS, who'll be 2.5 when this LO is due, wouldn't be a huge walker, in that when he's in the buggy he tends to stay in. Otherwise he's but he's either in the car or on the back of our bikes to creche. I don't mind wearing baby & pushing toddler in our buggy so we have that option too, I know he might not want to stay sitting on a buggy board seat for a long walk. Can you tell I really don't want to fork out for a double, if we're only going to get 6 months use out of it realistically? :o0 I'll be back to work full time after this baby too so it'll be weekends then when DH is about to help carry kiddies or push stroller.
gillchan Posts: 185
Buzzo, I think at your LO's ages you would get a lot longer than 6 months out of a double. I find ours with a 5 month old and a 2.5 year old absolutely indispensable and she is a great walker. We use it every day. My sister had a buggy board with seat and gave it up for a double cos her near 3 year old wouldn't tolerate it for longer walks/trips. I tried baby wearing and pushing a stroller and found it very hard on my back even with an ergo sling. So we gave in and bought a double. We kept the original single too cos its great to be able to give anyone who takes DD for a day and/or night a buggy. Plus we sometimes go separate ways at the weekend so we have a buggy each. Our double converts from a single to a double and back again. Sorry this is probably not what you want to hear!
Buzzo Posts: 1055
No it's not what I want to hear but sure if it's the reality ill meed to know! I'm not going to buy til closer to the time anyway whatever I got for. Probably a board & a 2nd hand double. We have our "big" buggy & small Maclaren so we won't be stuck for transport!