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ttcin07 Posts: 20
can anyone recommend which buggy/travel system to buy?
luigi Posts: 867
Everyone has different opinions on this one really hon. You'll need to think about your lifestyle, what you need the system for (ie, do you take public transport? Do you need something baby can sleep in? etc...) If I have another baby I want a Bugaboo or the Bebe Confort Loola. But I can say that Silver Cross 3D and the M&P Pliko are popular (You can tell im going into the baby business :o0 )
deem Posts: 710
I've taken to examining them when people walk by and asking if i like them. We live in midlands and do not know where sells them so think will have to go to dublin shopping. :o0 :o0 There's such a big choice. its difficult to know what to go with.
gbirishgirl Posts: 246
One thing I would suggest is doing as much research as you can online before you go into the shops. Look at the sites that have customer reviews, benchmark prices and all that - might be useful as a bargaining tool to get a couple of quid off or to prime you with questions to ask (e.g. if a series of reviews of one particular brand says that a part of it used to fall off, have they changed that design fault etc). Soooo exciting!! Good luck! gbirishgirl
lamb nose Posts: 679
Defo do as much research as you can. I spent loads of time over Christmas looking at all the different catalogues before finally deciding to buy my buggy. I chose the Britax 3 wheeler travel system (vigour) which came with the car seat, carrycot and cosytoe. It ticks all the boxes for me ie it collapses easy and fits in the boot of my Grande Punto. It is made of aluminum so is sturdy but very light as well. It has a good suspension system which is ideal for power walking on country roads and most importantly it looks really good! It was a toss up between the Britax and the Quinny Buzz for me but I dismissed the Quinny as it does not have an accessible storage section underneath like the Britax has which is so handy for putting messages in when I walk to the shops.
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Hi Lamb nose, is the carrycot separate? Can a newborn sleep in it over night? Ta
lamb nose Posts: 679
Hi Tigs, The carrycot is sold seperatly and I think it was 109 sterling. DD slept in it for the first 3 weeks as I was paranoid of her choking or vomiting or something in her sleep so I kept her in it down by my side of the bed. She slept fine in it and when we went away for the weekend recently she slept grand in it again. She is getting long now (60cms) so soon she will not fit in it anymore.
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Thanks Lamb Nose, I find it completely headwrecking as to what to buy ! Lately, am thinking of not bothering with a pram/carrycot, but buying a travelcot with basinette for our room for the first 2 months or whatever, it's got a changing mat too, then have a normal cot in babys room and use the travel cot as a playpen later and for travelling. And just get a buggy suited to newborns. But I'm still unsure!!!
lamb nose Posts: 679
Tigs, I would not bother with the travelcot unless you really think you will need it. I foolishly spent 75 sterling on a fancy graco contour electra travel cot and I know I will never use it. It is so heavy and would be a pain taking it anywhere. It took me half an hour to get it erected and an hour to get it back into the bag!! It has a basinette thingie and a changing mat too so maybe it is the same as the one you are looking at? I don't know maybe you would get some use out of it but I never want to see the bloody thing again! O:| O:|
ttcin07 Posts: 20