Buggy that can take a car seat?

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Postit Posts: 225
Hi everyone, I am just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a buggy that has a frame that can take a car seat that isn't too expensive? Similar to the Quinny Zap?
gogglebox Posts: 910
There are quite a few that take car seats, but what is it you're after? I've got a zapp, but it's really only a light weight buggy for occasional use & travel etc... so what are you looking for in a buggy apart from being able to take a car seat? There's the quinny buzz and quinny speedi that take the car seat too and are bigger and more robust (but pricier) than the zapp.
annabella Posts: 190
hi i bought the mothercare MY4 - its similar to the quinny but has a much less price tag!!! its very lightweight aswell, you can clip the car seat to the frame easily and also changes into pram(for when their little) and then rear or forward facing buggy. hope that helps.
Postit Posts: 225
That's great thanks for coming back to me. I'll go into Mothercare and check out both buggies and see then. There are just so many to choose from!
sinion Posts: 6050
iCandy switches from car seat to buggy or carrycot, we love it.
Postit Posts: 225
Thanks Sinion - someone else said that to me as well and that it is really light and easy to manage. Where is the best place to get one do you know?
sinion Posts: 6050
We have the cherry and it really is so light and nimble, only down side is the wheel are light too so it really is just a city pram. They do have other versions (apple and pear) that are heavier but with better wheels foe rougher terrain. We got ours in Murphy's in the link I posted, found them superb, customer service was second to none, they even fitted a load of prams and car seats to our car so that we could find the right one. We ended up buying most of our stuff their and they threw in free things too.
Postit Posts: 225
I'll definitely try there. Thanks again for your help!
sinion Posts: 6050
Pleasure, good luck!
macie Posts: 17
we´ve just bought a bebecar vector - it has the car seat, pushchair facing out outward, and pram, all that click onto the chassis. the pram can be used in the back of your car aswell as the car seat, with an adaptor kit (€30)