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TheMaid Posts: 29
Hi everyone Just wondering if anyone has been to Golden Sands on hols and if theres any restaurants, attractions you would recommend? :thnk
gottabfp Posts: 5641
im going to sunny beach on my hooneymoon :o)ll :o)ll
dizzydoll Posts: 165
Hi maid Not sure if i can be of any help. Went to golden sands about 3 years ago and at that time anyway it was just really a big square with the usual restaurants and bars that you would find at any resort. We dont ever do trips so cant help you there but i do remember some being advertised. If you are flying into bourgas its about a 5 hour bus trip to golden sands. I will say bulgaria is very cheap, €1 for a pint, €30 for three course meal and bottle of wine. As far as I know sunny beach is alot more developed and we are hoping to go there on hols this year. If you have any other q's just ask k! :wv
MrsMcM Posts: 311
hi, sorry not able to provide info on golden sands but sunny beach is lovely. the beach is one of the nicest and warmest ive ever swam in. There is a lovely trip you can do to the old village of Nessebar. we frequented a bar/disco bar, if memory serves me right called the ice bar and they had a live band every night. However it is very like any other resort in most respects.