bump at 10 weeks!

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chloe01 Posts: 33
Hello All I'm just going onto my 10th week and I can't beleive the bump i already have, i look like someone that is 5 months gone. Very hard trying to dress for work everyday and wearing clothes that are loose. I reckon by next week they'll have figured out my secret. How long before your bump became visible. Also going on holidays on the 14th and not sure whether i'll fit into any of my summer clothes!
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
I had a bit of a bump at 10 weeks now no one noticed it only me. it looked more like a little fat belly :o0
mcglick Posts: 463
snap mrs sunflower! mine was big in the evenings when i got into my pjs after dinner and let it all hang out :o0 During the day it was just a bit of a spare tyre :-8
chloe01 Posts: 33
maybe that is what i have, can't beleive the size of my boobs, thinking of giving Jordan a run for her money!!!!
lmc1978 Posts: 423
I was bigger at 8 weeks than I am now (10wks). I think in my case a lot of it was bloating and gas :-8 i had a serious muffin top situation. my solution was to stop trying to squeeze into clothes that didnt fit and buy a pair of maternity trousers in topshop. they have a comfy elasticated waist and dont look like they are sprayed on! since ive been wearing them ive gotten 2 comments from people (who dont know) that i look like i've lost weight! Its really hard trying not to let people know though. i feel like i wont care how big i get after i can just tell them in work. Then i'll wear a tent in and be comfy! :o0
sodbride Posts: 105
Im only 6 and a half weeks and already Im sitting here with all my buttons and zip open. husband thinks its hillarious cause i was always a skinny minny!!
feelsobad Posts: 693
Hi there I had bump at 10 weeks but I think it was more bloating really, settled down, managed to keep from work till 18 weeks.... but I was massive in the end. For me bump grew very quickly in start and then evened out... :o)ll
lmc1978 Posts: 423
let it all hang out. a few weeks ago i kept having to open my buttons and my desk in work when sitting and then id get up to get something and forget to close them! i am in an office on my own thank god! but still! :-8
darkie27 Posts: 1449
I hadent a decent bump till i was about 22 -24 weeks :wv
dreamer Posts: 3941
Yeah, I think I was definitely bigger at 8 weeks. I must have been incredibly bloated! Feel a lot skinnier now! Size 8 trousers are still fastening! ( But I won't hold my breath!!!)