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chucklebells Posts: 350
Hi Girl, I m just gone 34 weeks and I am so uncomfortable now. Last week I literally felt the baby move down and when I was away for the weekend with friends who I hadn't seen in months they were commenting on how 'tiny' I was. Thanks, paranoia set in. I had a 'fine' bump 2 weeks ago and in comparison to my DD I was defo bigger but now I barely have a bump. I am just home after driving for 2 hours, it was hell. It felt like I had no bump and tummy was so tight and uncomfortable. I pulled over twice to allow bump to 'breath' and expand as such. It probably didn't help that I had something to eat before I left and I was a bit pukey. Has anyone ever had this experience before? When baby drops down does the bump seem smaller? I think I can literally feel the babys weight in the centre of my body. Sitting down is now so uncomfortable and back is so sore when I stand up. Does I sound a bit crazy?
Fruice Posts: 677
Why did that make you paranoid? If your baby has measured fine at any appointments the size of the bump shouldn't concern you, different babies lie and carry in different positions.
wowza Posts: 556
Try not be paranoid. I had a much bigger bump than a friend of mine, even though we were due at the same time. Her baby was over a pound bigger than mine when they were born.
chucklebells Posts: 350
Thanks for the replies. Its just not nice being told at nearly 8 months that you are 'tiny' when I was quite big 2 weeks ago. I was also thinking I might go a little earlier but I have googled it and it doesn't matter when you 'drop'. I just feel like the baby is 'squished' inside me and I was afraid of almost hurting the baby but I know the fluid will protect my little babs. Its just so uncomfortable when sitting now, I'm sure others feel like this also.
paperclips Posts: 3146
Don't worry Chucklebells, I've been carrying low right throughout my pregnancy. I'm 33 weeks and people always comment on how neat I am but I think its because I carry so low so I don't look like I have a big bump. My dates are bang on and at all scans baby measured bigger so I'm not worried. I had a couple of people say to me that I look like I'm about to pop, not because I look big, but because I'm so low. The biggest part of my bump is from my belly button down it that makes sense.