Bump Hard????

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Princess_Jess Posts: 445
ladies need your help. every few mins my stomach goes really really hard. solid as a rock as one would say!! anyone know what this is. i dont thnk they are braxton hick or anything???
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
yeh they're BH i think- but i think if you get more than a certain amount in an hour (but not sure how many sorry) that you're supposed to call the hospital in case they're contractions
Toblerone Posts: 2698
they sound like they are BH but usually will ease off if you do any activity - walking around/lying down/bath. They can also be quite sore too.
Princess_Jess Posts: 445
thanks girls. i feel ok with them, they are just very regular the last couple of days. i dont think i'm in labour... wouldnt be that lucky !!!
my turn to tcc! Posts: 62
Hi princess_jess, I too am due Christmas day and am experiencing the hard bump feeling aswell. Is it your whole bump or just an area? mine is one area all the time, I'm confused as to wether its the baby pressing out or BH. Are you hoping to go before the 25th? I'd love to...fingers crossed!
Princess_Jess Posts: 445
hi - i would love love love to go before xmas. i have an 8 yr old dd already who is convinced the baby will be here in time for santa. as for the bump hardening, its my whole bump too. but like you said, its hard to tell if its braxton hicks or the baby moving with little room in there!