Bump in the way of good loving???

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CestMoi Posts: 2162
OK! This is a sort of embarresing topic, but I'm getting pee'ved now so I just thought I'd ask others that must be in the same position! Since the bump made an appearance in the last few weeks, we've been finding it more and more awkward to eh... DTD satisfyingly :-8 The few reliable positions just aren't working for me now, and its starting to annoy me. It isn't helped by the fact that DH is working nights, so its either when he's getting up and I want to sleep, or at the weekend when he's about to go to sleep, so getting the mood right is bad enough, but then the bump just seems to be in the way too. He's really good and tries to accomdate me manually first, but I'm frustrated by this because I used to really enjoy the actual DEED! (I'm trying to phrase this so it's not TMI or too vulgar) So now I'm stuck and frustrated, and I'm only at 20 weeks now, I actually thought I'd be a sex Godess at this stage, having gotten over the 1st trimester where I was too nausous to be bothered with it! I can't believe there is another 20 weeks to go and it looks like I might not be getting any! :ooh :weep I'd love to try other positions but I am a little put off by my normal positions not working, plus the limited time frame we have right now means that you sometimes just need to get down to it without too much messing around. :duh: If anyone has found more suitable positions that do work even with the bump in the way, can you share it here, Please! I'm so embarresed posting this, but I decided that there must be some other way around it, instead of being frustrated for the next 20 weeks. I'm aware that I won't be in the mood once babs arrives, so I'm trying to make the most of it before that! Thanks for reading!!! :-8 :-8
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
this is actually a genuine prob for a lot of people youd be surprised how often i get asked this..... try women on top faceing him or away from him. or doggy or leaning against something while hes behind you. good luck! :o0
BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
OMG I envy you both. Sense The Bump appeared DH has been totally freaked out at the thoughts of DTD and it doesn't help that I am the opposite. I'm missing that closeness as we have only DTD a few times sense I got pg :o( :o( :o(
CestMoi Posts: 2162
Thanks for the replies, glad I'm not the only one then! Me on top isn't working out, sparkly I know its a silly question but I can't decide is it uncomfortable for me, or if I'm just feeling the bump being pushed into me and scared it will hurt the baby? Its a little uncomfortable with the bump being pushed and just put me off! I was wondering earlier how they manage at around 40 weeks, you know you hear stories like sex can bring the labour on, and that kinda thing. I'm wondering how, 'cos even with a little bump I can barely manage! :o0 I'll give doggy a go but when we're talking the Big 'O' it never really did it for me! ETA: Ghostchild - just seen your response. I think my DH has a little bit of this too. When it appeared he totally shyed away from him on top. Have to admit I was a bit glad because I was holding him up of my belly like that, but it was the best way ! :-8 :o0
mammak Posts: 489
Hey, On our first, my dh was so totally freaked out with dtd that it happened very little. Now on our 3rd, well its a case of getting over it - literally :eek :o0 :o0 :o0 Basically i find the best position is still him on top but me at an angle to him - not quite 90degress but basically he;s not on the belly. Can alternate legs underneath his or one in between his. Def big O pleaser :o0 :ooh :eek :o0 Or 2nd to this, standing, backwards. All the before business is done on our sides, its nice to have some face to face activity :-8 . God its gas writing this really. Anyway HTH :-8
hils138 Posts: 680
If you were a "on your back girl" then try moving to the edge of the bed with him standing. This is a great position that does interfere with the bump. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
OMG10 Posts: 165
How about if the two of you lie on your sides and he could "play" with you aswell if needed???
CestMoi Posts: 2162
Thanks girls! I know its weird talking about this stuff, but you don't realise just how important it is until you can't have it. And right now I'm trying to make the most of it before our lives get turned upside-down! This morning on the way to work I was thinking, what if our sex lives aren't anywhere near the same again, it would be just awful! I know at the moment its made worse by him being on nights and we are barely seeing each other at all, but I'm just having panic moments every now and then!
OMG10 Posts: 165
C' est you think your bad, DH wont come near me, I had to make a deal with him that we'll only DTD once a week, he's terrifed he'll hurt the baby and since he seen the :heartbeat: heartbeat :heartbeat: its even worse :ooh :o0 :o0