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success09 Posts: 22
Hi girls, I am 32 weeks pregnant (yaahhh!) and have this strange feeling in my tummy. The only way to descibe it is that my tummy is fit to burst! I feel my bump is very low and very, very heavy and it's kind of dragging my skin to the max. I know that I'm not explaining it properly but it's so uncomfortable. When I stand up and kind of lift my bump up, it relieves the pressure a bit but I can hardly walk around like that. Sorry for not explaining properly but has anyone else felt like this? Thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
CestMoi Posts: 2162
Sorry I'm no help to you, but I did see something on mothercare when I was browsing the other day. It might help you? Its some sort of support belt: [url:3oiugdw4]http://www.mothercare.ie/ContentBuilder/DisplayPage.aspx?DataId=DA000057&view=detail&ProductID=PR000006&UniqueID=42[/url:3oiugdw4] Hope that helps, maybe you can ask them?
valentine09 Posts: 681
I got a support belt in mothercare for about 12 euro. It is mainly for walking (my dog) as it releves some of the pain in your bump and gives you support, but it puts pressure on your lower back. I think it is something you will feel more and more from now on. I got some stretchy tops(like a vest and one size fits all) from mothercare that give your bump great support. I also find the over the bump bottoms are better at this stage for added support. Hope that helps.
success09 Posts: 22
Girls, I will have a look in Mothercare tomorrow, thanks a lot. I really feel I need something at this stage because it's painful and I am only 32wks! Thanks again and have a great weekend xxxxxxxxxxxx