bump not getting bigger

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dion Posts: 986
Hi, im 37+4 & my bump has not got any bigger in last 3 weeks, everyone i meet says that they hardly notice & its really starting to get to me. At 35w, midwifes said i was measuring 34w, i dont think it has grown anymore since then, would it be the case that baby has stopped growing, it really feels like it has. has anyone any experience with this, im quite worried. Going to also post on M&K
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
Are you petite yourself? You might just have a smaller baby like 6/7lb. At this stage of pregnancy the main thing is the movement not the size of your bump. It probably has grown slightly but the comments are making you a bit paranoid. Voice your concerns at your next appointment but I'm sure all is fine.
dion Posts: 986
Im usually size 10, not sure if this is why bump is small, going to hope for the best.
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
If you are generally small in size yourself and haven't gained alot of weight during the pregnancy then your bump will tend to be small. I personally don't remember my bump getting much bigger at the end and I went 10 days over. I remember it changed shape as baby was transverse up to 37 then turned but that was it.
amberjack Posts: 1273
I had a tiny bump at the end (could have got away with looking like I had just over eaten a bit) didn't get to wear maternity stuff until well over 20 weeks and that was only trousers. I was induced a few days early and my baby was just under 7 lbs. My consultant thought the baby had stopped growing and that was the reason for induction. Get it checked if you are worried. I'm small in stature, but about a size 14 (belly mainly) probably could be petite if I stopped eating crap and got more exercise. Best of luck
chicabride Posts: 453
I was tiny on my first..lived at home and my 9 and 7 year old brother did not even know I was pregnant till the Friday I had my son on the Sunday. I am not petite at all. I had my son five weeks early and he was 5lb 14oz.. good for a 5 week premature baby. If your at all worried go get a scan for reassurance.
dion Posts: 986
thanks ladies, going to checked on wednesday & see what they say.
chicabride Posts: 453
Dion if your worried dont wait until wednesday, go down tomorrow to emergency room. Really they wont think your in the wrong... if your worried go down.
Mrsdm Posts: 1136
Dion I'm 36 wks tomorrow and everyone keeps telling me I've a small bump too. I've been measuring it myself around my belly button every morning and was 39 inches for about 5 weeks and only this week have gone up to nearly 40 in. I asked at my last 2 hosp apt and they said baby is measuring average but wouldn't tell me a weight and meaured from top of my uterus to pelvic bone and said I was spot on. I wouldn't worry too much but def mention it at nxt visit
Wife09 Posts: 873
As long as you are gettng movement that is the most important thing and that you are feeling well. My baba stopped growing at 32weeks and I was induced at 38 and she was 5lb 8. We new she wasnt growing properly from about the 34 week mark the important thing is you are getting plenty of movement. Its not worth stressing over though so go and try organise a scan for yourself this week!