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Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I'm 15 weeks so don't have much a bump. May be this is prefectly normal but I feel like my bump is sore all over. It's sore just below my chest bone, sore both sides of bump and also sore at bottom bump. Should I get this checked out or does anyone else feel the same?
Hugz Posts: 410
Hi Winter2b I havent experience of the type of thing you are talking about but I would suggest you go to your GP or local hospital just to get it checked to be safe. No one on here will be better able to tell you than a medical professional and it was put your mind at rest ...... No point worrying when it can be sorted easily by attending doc ... Take care
tilsun Posts: 4506
I agree with Hugz, if you worried say it to your doc. My bump was very sore for a couple of days at about your stage. Then I woke up one morning and my bump had literally popped :eek Went from looking a but pudgy to looking really pregnant almost over night. So I reckon the discomfort was growing pains. My bump was very sore on Friday too and I think it was because I had been on my feet for too long and was tired. :wv