Bumps and gender

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Fur Posts: 131
Hi Ladies, Do you think bump shape/size is related to the sex of your baby? Personally i dont think so but it would be interesting to see. My bump is high and is similiar in shape to a basketball O:o) What about you ladies? xx
mariac Posts: 982
i think it an old wifes myth myself i beleive what determines bump is weight of mother posture of mother etc
Delish Posts: 4176
I would love to know what the general consensus on this is. My bump is general low and is somewhat pointy towards the pelvis, as in the bump kinda protrudes out in a point - Combine this with my hairy belly I'm thinking bot, If I have a boy I'll have to go for number 2 asap so I can buy all the cool girly clothes. I always thought high up, basketball shaped bumps indicated girls Never even thought posture might have anything to do with it, but is makes sense I suppose. Please describe your bump and let us know if you know the sex!!
YumYum Posts: 482
My bump is in the middle I suppose, all to the front, no weight on anywhere else at all. Every single person I meet tells me "Oh its a boy!" I really don't know how the difference is told to be honest. I can never guess from looking at someone what they are having.
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Funny this has come up because I was just told that I am all bump, very tidy and bump is low so they think that means I am having a girl. I think it's a girl myself. I really don't think shape of bump determines anything I think it depends if you have put weight on or not and position of baby. I thought all bumps dropped in late pregnancy.
vonnyoc Posts: 2688
My aunt is great at guessing If you're all in front and tidy it's a girl If you have it on the bum, kinda spread around it's a boy. But most of the time it depends on the person
Bear Posts: 671
My sil pointed out that my bump was quite low at the weekend and I thought it was high. She had a really high bump on her last pregnancy and had a boy, my friend has a really high bump when she had her girl. There are so many old wives tales and they all conflict.
Snugglebuggle Posts: 1084
Hi ladies Well I was all bump and carried very high and had put on little or no weight and every one told me that i was having a boy,but I just had a baby girl she is now 5wks old so they were all wrong !!!!! :o)ll :o)ll
lambnose Posts: 915
I was very neat and all in front and I had a girl. This time I am pretty much the same so far so I will let ye know in May! :o0 My sister was also very neat and all in front and she had a girl as well, then again that could be just the way we are destined to carry babies. Who knows?! Time will tell.
agie Posts: 1107
ive a very high bump and according to 2 girls in work today its got higher - but then again im breech so dont think id be the best one to see if the old wives tales are true :o0