Bumps and Maternity clothes and movement ???????

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Finished here Posts: 2860
Ok i am getting very found of the polls i think but i am kinda curious/come nervous about my bump or non existent bump should i say .... I am 17 weeks pregnant and still wearing all my old clothes and apart from some days or evening when i am really bloated there is no sign of any bump yet. So i just wanted to ask others When did your bump begin to show and when did you have to get bigger/maternity clothes ????? Also i am dying to feel movement and again apart from the wind :-8 i don't think i have even felt flutters yet so again when did you guys feel flutters/kicks ??? Thanks FF
seabride Posts: 137
I voted 18- 20 but i am almost 24 weeks and still wear alot of my own clothes. i have deffo had alot more movement this week but have had flutters from 18 weeks.
Woodstock Posts: 1565
I started wearing maternity jeans, maternity bands and so far only 1 maternity top (some of my own tops still fit) about 2 weeks ago (so at 14 weeks, my bump popped out at xmas!) But I still haven't felt any movement :o( ;o(
babybuzz Posts: 474
well i got a pair of maternity jeans at 8 weeks just for comfort but i only have a bump now its started to get noticable now but can still fit into a few of my old things. no movements yet :o( my friend only went into her maternity clothes at nearly 7 months so dont be worrying
Pumpernickle Posts: 206
Up to 19 weeks my bump was tiny & most of my own clothes still fitted. I had a massive growth spurt over the holidays - bump is pretty big now so I'm defo in maternity clothes - although alot of my own tops still fit. I had to buy maternity jeans at about 10 weeks though - my own were just too uncomfortable... Have been feeling flutters / bubbles since week 20ish..... absolutely love the movement - can't wait till it gets stronger!!!
kittysue Posts: 1016
I started wearing maternity clothes ..I think in the 12-14 week.... especialy trousers.....or actually maybe 12-14.....I just left the buttons open in my ordinary clothes up until then. But I didn't feel any movement till about week 20.
mia mya Posts: 285
I voted 16-18 wks as I started to feel 'bubbles' (which they tell me in the hospital is movement) at 18weeks but as far as maternity clothes go, I was out of most of my old stuff by week 12 and I am 100% in maternity stuff now :o0
thats amore Posts: 714
everybody is different. i am due in 4 weeks and have no maternity clothes at all. my bump just never got very big so i bought some trousers in a size bigger but most of my other skirts and tops still fit fine. i wouldn't worry one bit. i was panicking when a bump hadn't appeared by the time i had reached the halfway mark and it wasn't until week 22 that we started noticing a change in my belly! i've had a few extra scans to check things out but the baby is on target development wise. we all just carry in different ways. as for movement, i felt what was like a popping or bubbly sensation from around 13 weeks. some feel it later some even earlier.
Finished here Posts: 2860
Thanks Girls, I was beginning to think nothing was happening in there ! but feel reassured now and if the bump never gets huge thats absolutely fine but when i can't feel anything either the worrying starts :-8
justwaitin Posts: 2462
hi there well i was in maternity jeans at about8/9 weeks too was very bloated, im just 23 weeks now and im very big, returned to work and had to get into my maternity tunic (im a nurse) and people were gobsmacked how big i got in two weeks, everyone is different i only had movement at around 18 weeks like flutters or bublbes popping, but im getting good movements now.