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Ferdi Posts: 704
Hello Ladies, can you please tell me where "THE BUMP" appears, ie above/below belly button. It's just that I have a bit of a tummy anyway (below bb) and at the mo am having problems fitting into my jeans and work gear - seems to be squashing my tummy. I know in the evenings sometimes I feel quite bloated and DH says - wow now you really look pregnant ! Think I've got more of a tummy round bellybutton but I've actually lost weight and am pretty confused. Would appreciate your expert opinion, thanks :wv
irish bride Posts: 558
Hi there, I just remember my waist line on my jeans and trousers getting very tight (!!) and DH told me that I had the ‘rounded look’ all around my belly before I had a ‘proper’ pregnancy bump. TBH I cant really remember did it start above or below the BB but I imagine it would start below and slowly move upwards….
Ducky Posts: 2506
Mine started really low, like a hard pot belly that you get with an AF. Then I seemed to get one above my BB but still had waist, so hated it as looked like rolls of fat! Couldn't wait to get rid of waistline, which buggered off round 20 weeks. Now I am carryign high and have nothing down low but bump starts right under boobs! must try and get a pic and start a 'show us your bump' thread... :o0 :o0
Ferdi Posts: 704
Thanks ladies, Ducky think I'm following you - although it's early days yet am noticing that above the bb is starting to change - feeling a bit like a christmas cracker at the mo as I still have a waist :o0 :o0 Well here's to a great Christmas O-O DH has said he'll make up for me not drinking this year, oh lordy !