Bunny Boiler and Proud - Anyone see this last night?

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Little Miss Chatterbox Posts: 1362
It was on Living TV at 10pm!!! It was just so funny and weird. All about women (and 2 men) who lost the plot with their exes and damaged their man's prize possessions including throwing a bucket paint all over a car - inside and out, selling a car on eBay for 50p, ripping up clothes ect. One man actually put his girlfriends kitten that he had bought her 6 months previous into a tumble dryer! O:| The B%stard got 6 months for it thank God...... Just wondering, has anyone ever done anything outrageous as revenge on an ex? Do we have Bunny Boilers amongst us????????!!!!!!
LAdancer Posts: 445
I think if H2B ever done something really wrong on me I'd turn into a bunnyboiler, rip all the sleeves off his tops, and cut one of the legs of each of his jeans etc. Any furniture he tried to take with him I hide a stash of Prawns etc in it so that when he took it with him it would stink to high heaven. As for killing a pure animal, dear god he deserved longer than 6 months xx
marianf Posts: 5845
Yeah, it was funny. Missed the end, what was the outcome with of the young couple. He was a DJ.
Little Miss Chatterbox Posts: 1362
They ended up together again in the end - but she said she was still so proud of what she done and said " it has to be the single most empowering thing I have ever done as a woman!!!" I mean come on!!!??????????????? This doll is clearly off her rocker - she had 2 kids after that - was that not the most empowering thing she has ever done?? I'd pick that over selling a car for 50p on Ebay anytime!!!!
marianf Posts: 5845
I thought that they might have gotten back together alright!
the winner Posts: 4148
It was soooo funny :D the older lady was so reserved and there she is breaking the front window :eek :eek Id love to have seen here do that haha
Little Miss Chatterbox Posts: 1362
oh yeah Lady Moon - the original Bunny Boiler!!! :o0