burping lasting hours!

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wollysocks Posts: 1773
hi, Wonder if anyboy else having problems with wind /constant burping? Today,all I had to eat was a croissant and pastry this morning -being nice to myself!- and 2 cups of tea..after that the burping started although it's happened a few times before....it eased off for a couple of hours but around lunch time I felt weak and shakey...I went into cafe but didnt feel like eating- I got a wheaten scone and cup of tea anyway..the burping started again...even before I started eating..I was ok for a while again...but now since I've been home it's started again...like the food is repeating on me...and I just feel rubbish...tired hungry yet I dont want to eat I am 33 weeks pregnant and it's just occured to me to wonder if this is heartburn? or indigestion?..it never happened me except a couple of times lately when I've been pregnant...has anybody else had this or know what can help?
buffster Posts: 251
Hi wollysocks. I've always suffered with indigestion exactly like this, often lasting a day or two if something hasn't agreed with me and then everything after it for the day! I find its often linked with if I was a bit uptight or stressed about something, making me rush my food or be a bit tense while eating making me not digest it properly. Anything fizzy (fizzy water) helps to get the 'big burp' out that relieves the feeling. My mum swears by sipping a glass of milk. hth :wv
buffster Posts: 251
also even if your not hungry but are weak as you said and need to eat, stick to easily digestable food and eat slowly, nibbling on just plain biscuits or a slice of cheese if its bad. And little and often!
tilsun Posts: 4506
This was my first clue I was pregnant and is still my main symptom! I definitely eat too fast but have tried to reduce speed and quantity, still burp constantly, so embarrassing :-8
Elegance Posts: 2848
another burper here.... i'm burping like a drunken sailor all day. mortifying! its defo related to heartburn for me. I had lunch out today and it was quite rich and my poor bod wasn't able for it! gaviscon is my best friend right now.
wollysocks Posts: 1773
thanks ladies for the reassurance and advice :wv