Bus hire for hen-help needed!

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moyra-smyth Posts: 511
Can anybody recommend a good bus hire company in the munster area?? Also if anybody knows the average cost of hiring a mini-bus could they please let me know-im just trying to get an idea as im probably going to pay for the bus myself! Thanks! :wv
claire sheerin Posts: 295
You're best bet is to get out the golden pages & search there. Ring as many as you can and you will be able to choose the cheapest. Also, talk to your co-workers, family, friends etc. to see if they know of someone who's reliable and doesn't cost the earth. Claire Sheerin
celticchick Posts: 151
Hey, See you are in the Limerick area, My dad is involved in a coach company in limerick often does Hens, If you give me the details, number of people where you want to go and the date etc. I will get you a price. He is going to be doing mine. Its a while off yet but i feel sorry for him cause the girls will prob make him wear riduculous stuff :)
moyra-smyth Posts: 511
thanks celtic chick-i'll pm you! Anybody else??