Butterfly Brides, Blackrock, Anyone??

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Hunky Dorey Posts: 229
Anyone been to Butterfly Brides, Blackrock..I have an appointment with them soon..any feedback O:|
Cialin Posts: 93
Hi Kerry I got my dress there and I think Michelle is lovely. The shop is fab, plenty of space and appointments are pretty much limited to 1 person at any time which I love. One of the reasons I felt comfortable down there was because I hate the real gushy, over the top attitudes in some of the other shops. I was CBM for my best friend last year, she got her dress in Butterfly too and had no problems at all.
Hunky Dorey Posts: 229
Hi Cailin Thanks for that, that sounds great. Its my first proper look around, I have been onto Michelle, she seems lovely. I need to change my appointment though, hoping to make it on a saturday instead..do you know if they do Saturdays..They are on a week off at the moment. I think they told me they dont take first time app on a saturday, you might know?
Cialin Posts: 93
Hi Don't think there's any probs getting apt for a Saturday--but I could be wrong as my first appointment was a Thursday? I reckon they'd lose a lot of business if they adopted that policy!!
hotbride07 Posts: 41
Hey I got my dress there in August with a Saturday app. Michelle was so nice. I love the place and couldn't recommend it enough. Their dresses are just amazing
Christmas B Posts: 6191
My SIL got her dress there and she said they were lovely!!
EHRK Posts: 82
Hi there my first appointment was on a Saturday only about 2 weeks ago and Michelle is brilliant she took out 6 dresses I tried them all on but loved the 3rd one. Went back the following Thurs and paid deposit. Good luck and Michelle is brilliant as she is very honest about what suits your shape and will not let you buy something outrageous unless you have your heart set on something.
over it Posts: 2779
Girls, sorry to hijack this post but is this shop expensive or is it around the same as everywhere else? Only asking cos the location. Also, do they do mother of the bride outfits? Thanks
Cialin Posts: 93
About the same as everywhere else. I bought a Rembo dress and I found out that the same dress was slightly cheaper in another shop in Dublin and more expensive in another. So I'd say they're fairly middle of the road.
Hunky Dorey Posts: 229
Girls, Thanks for the honesty, I am very excited now..Thanks will let ye all know how it goes, Thanks xx