buying a dress without trying it on

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katek Posts: 12
hi. so many websites advise not to buy your wedding dress without trying it on but I love a dress and am very tempted to purchase. have tried on many dresses and have not found any I really really like. has anyone else bought without trying? the bridal shop have a dress almost identical so would have a pretty good idea what dress is like. it would be a very expensive mistake to make. thanks alot.
Trooper Posts: 2155
Personnally, i kinda knew what would suit me and what wouldn't, but a lot of the girls say they picked something v unexpected. Not sure if i would chance it... Show us a pic though?
katek Posts: 12
[img:25ddnyma][/img:25ddnyma] this is the dress i like. [/img]
Trooper Posts: 2155
[quote="katek":4mdggxwn][img:4mdggxwn][/img:4mdggxwn] this is the dress i like. [/img][/quote:4mdggxwn] WOW... it's soooo pretty. It's fab!! I'd want to try it on first though - looks like it could be V low cut!! :-8
katek Posts: 12
this dress is in stock and its lovely too. other dress could be quite low and dont want to hightlight mhy flat chest. which dress do you prefer?? ta [img:3511ao60][/img:3511ao60][/img]
Trooper Posts: 2155
probably the 2nd on to be honest. I think the first one is gorge, but in real life that flower detail could be dodgy looking and it could be low cut as i said. 2nd one is beautiful! can you not try them on anywhere??
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
i bought a dress without trying it on - it is in the shop in july and im getting married in september so i really dont have any option but to hope to god it suits me thing is i really love the dress and i think if you feel good in something then you will look fab - its all about confidence girl!! Love both dresses, but would prefer the 01st - it is absolutely stunning
Anonymous Posts: 24542
I did this before and when the dress arrived it was totally different on me. Not something I'd advise- pictures are great but what if it looks totally different on you? Also, what if it's really uncomfortable? I know it's so tempting, but try to find a shop that stocks the dress and try it on. Or you could just go dress shopping and then try to find online? Best of luck!
pricilla Posts: 1564
I think you would be completely crazy to order a dress without trying it on. I know what suits me, but when it came to wedding dresses, it was a totally different ball game. Lots of dresses that I thought were beautiful, did not suit me at all. And several ones that I wouldn't have given a second look to, turned out to be gorgeous on. You are probably aware of all this - having tried on dresses yourself. If it was a Maggie Sottero dress (that seems to suit everyone), I'd say go ahead but these dresses are very unusual. They are both exquisite, but might not be right for you. Is there none in Ireland?
BirthdayBrideMarch Posts: 503
I seriously advise you not to buy a dress without trying it on! Because I took a chance and it didn't work out for me ... bought a dress online (Maggie Sottero) that I couldn't find here because the style was discontinued. When it arrived I tried it on and it just didn't suit me at all! And now I am trying to sell it... there are so many fantastic dresses in the bridal shops, spend some time trying stuff on and then research online and see if you can buy them in from the US cheaper... Just my tuppence worth!