buying a wedding dress

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she Posts: 3298
Hi only new on the site so just getting used to it but just wondering, ive been looking on a web site for wedding dress in america called "house of brides", seen the dress of my dreams. Has anyone bought anything on this site and got it delivered or has anyone used any other sites from america. If so can i get the web addresses from u. thanks and talk soon :wv :wv
garran9 Posts: 4401
Hiya, I haven't bought anything from them but I have read many reports. Here are a few links that you can see a few testimonials; ... p?t=103874 ... hp?t=59185 ... hp?t=40174 RK Bridal seems another popular one!!! Good luck
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv WELCOME, you will soon be addicted.. I have never ordered a dress from America, but i did order samples of favours from various American websites, I had no problems whatsoever.. Have to say they are very professional, in dealing with their Customers.. A few Girls on WOL, have ordered dress, you should maybe search, to get some feedback..
redb Posts: 347
Oooooo show us - whats it called - i'm furiously nosy !!!
she Posts: 3298
thanks vfor the speedy reply and heads up on the web site, ur very gd
Enchantress Posts: 1509
Friend ordered her dress and our BM dress from House of Brides and I would highly recommend them! :lvs
Bling Bling Posts: 41
Hiya I ordered my bridesmaids from RK Bridal. I got them to try them on here first and then ordered them from RK the price more than halved even with the duty on them. The dresses arrived well on time and they were lovely to deal with.
aoifem79 Posts: 475
Hi I actually ordered a dress for a friends wedding from them for myself. Its classified as an occasion dress. I stated I wanted it in october (wedding in november) and I ordered it in july. It was just dispatched on the 10th of sept. I paid about 200 inc delivery for the dress but in a shop spotted it for nearly 400 so pretty happy. Def gonna order my BM dresses from the