Girls, I just wnated to let you all know that after doing my research see: ... start=1050 We went to Newry on Saturday and this was my experience: Convertible changing table in Smyths was cheapest. Quinny Buzz 3 in Bumps and Babies was cheapest. We were not really looking at other items but we did buy shelves and paint for the babies room in B&Q up there and the price was terrific and also there is a furniture shop there beside Smyths called Corrys and there was very good value furniture in there. We stopped in the natural baby resource centre in Jonesborough and they were the most expensive ! Also the workers in Bumps and Beyond are terrific. They do the Quinny and other travel system in a package and it takes four weeks for it to be ordered in, you don't have to buy everything in the pack e.g. we decided against the dreami cot but they still give you raincovers and other accesories free !