buying kerastase products online

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rubybride2010 Posts: 321
Hi girls, Does anyone know a good online store for buying cheaper kerastase hair products? :wv
makeupmagic Posts: 145
Hi there :wv I've just ordered some from Good prices and no charges for postage! They are based in Jersey. Hope this helps. Margaret
wah Posts: 1414
that site seems to be under construction :o(
blushingb2b Posts: 219
I buy mine from but I never shopped around to see if they were the cheapest. I will keep my eye on this thread to see if there is anywhere cheaper... Have you tried ebay?
rubybride2010 Posts: 321
Thanks girls. Did try ebay a few times but the prices weren't much better than in the salons here. :o(
littlemissus Posts: 481
Never bought them online but I know that they do them on also.
Mrs Unichick Posts: 1004
Hi, I had a previous thread on this at: ... p?t=198341 I ended up buying some on ebay.
blushingb2b Posts: 219
Just got an email from saying they have a 20% sale on nearly all products and kerastase is part of it.. Gonna stock up now myself!
Ruby Red Posts: 63
I've used to buy mine in the past.
rubybride2010 Posts: 321
Thanks girls, I would have spent forever finding all these websites :thnk :wv