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greenbaby Posts: 541
Just wondered when most people bought their travel systems and cots? At how many weeks? Was going to start buying about 30 weeks, is this leaving it a bit late for bigger items?
Mrs Snuffleupagus Posts: 554
Was about 25 weeks when I ordered the buggy. It was on offer so just thought I'd be mad to let that offer go. Bought cot from friends at about 28 weeks. Just got car seat about 3 weeks back. I found it a little easier to spread the cost out a little. Though my Dad was giving out about buying stuff early. I don't know!!! :duh:
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
started about 25 weeks when we got back from hols/ For some travel systems it can take up to 12 weeks to order in I believe
XcitedMum2b Posts: 165
I'm only 20 weeks but we have been looking at travel systems for a while and seen the one we wanted on offer last week so put a deposit on it. We won't be picking it up til near the due date tho. We are now looking at cot & nursery furniture & will put a deposit down again if we come across any good deals. I won't have any baby stuff in the house tho, not til closer the time. Wen we start to get things we will leave them in our parents house til baby comes :)
ohsotired Posts: 7071
We have our big scan over Christmas so hope to put deposits on travel system & nursery furniture after that - figured it was better to do it while we have money because Jan & Feb are usually very lean months :o0
happy mummy Posts: 424
Bought the travel system at about 21 weeks (ish) cause it was the one I wanted and on special offer! Got the cot the week before last. Moses basket at about 24 weeks. We've spread the cost of the big things cause I know that once Xmas has been and gone we'll be a bit more strapped for cash!
greenbaby Posts: 541
Thanks ladies, Have been saving the pennies so not worried about spreading the cost, was just afraid we were leaving it a little late. Will have plenty of fun baby shopping in the new year.
CocoBeans Posts: 841
I ordered my cot from Mamas and papas 5 weeks ago and still no sign of it. Some of these items have long waiting lists. I want to all set about a month before baby is due.
Fx and tx Posts: 378
I have been paying away on my travel system for the past couple of months and we now have the cot and most of the other things we need...there is some great sales and offers out there at the mo so I would def start purchasing if I were you.
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
20 weeks tomorrow and have just agreed a sale with another wollie for a 2nd hand bugaboo. It will be a few weeks before I actually buy it. Have my big scan next week so will start buying other bits and pieces then/when sales start. I had it in my head all along that I would start buying once I hit the mid point mark.