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adelz Posts: 3088
Hi all, just wondering if any of you bought any of your items up north? Did you notice much difference in price or is it worth the trip up, have any of you bought the maxi cosi up there??? :wv Id love to hear of anything, we're debating whether its worth the trip up or not
adelz Posts: 3088
:o)ll :o)ll Anybody??
PrincessFiona Posts: 72
Not sure how much things are in south but this may give u a bit of an idea - I priced the maxi cosi in Enniskillen.I think it was priced at about 95 stg. And they would have given me 10 % discount. The system I bought in the end was a graco at 389 stg and I got a 10% discount on the so got it for 350 stg. I bought this in Smyths and its priced at €499 in the south so for me was def a saving on travel system. Hope that helps.
PearlBaby Posts: 532
I will be buying all the more expensive items up north. Easier for me though as that's where i am from (living in Cork) and if have to i order anything my parents can collect it for me. I find that i am looking at things here and not buying as i am waiting to go home.
adelz Posts: 3088
O that's super to get ideas thanks, where bouts in enniskillen you look at maxi cosi? I have an aunt bout hr away from there so could do a wkend and pop up, that's a good price. Also well for you with parents up there, you're right to get idea of prices here and then up there thanks very much :wv
PrincessFiona Posts: 72
The shop in Enniskillen is called Toyland. Its right across from the Erne shopping centre. It might be worth your while just ringing first to double check price but pretty sure this is what I was quoted.
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
i don't think the savings are as good as they used to be. when you take into account driving up and back/petrol costs and other money you just spend it usually works out more! i bought a maxi cosi off for £99.95 ( delivery was 7.88 ). not sure how much they are here but i think i saved a bit.
adelz Posts: 3088
Ok thanks for that, will def give them a ring. Must look at kiddicare also....Thanks again :wv