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mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
Has anyone bought their veil online? Bridal shop where I got my dress had a lovely veil but it was £225.... It was a lovely quality but I really don't care about having the best veil - has anyone bought their veil online from eBay etc?
lorrimar Posts: 837
I bought one on Ebay 2 weeks ago for €13 incl postage. I haven't received it yet as it's coming from China. It's a single tier cathedral length Ivory veil. The prices in some of the bridal shops is crazy.
lisavd Posts: 63
I bought one online at an Irish online shop for about € 50. Unfortunately, the colour wasn't what I expected and it just didn't match my dress so I returned it and will most likely go for an expensive one from the shop where I'm getting my dress. I'd say if you have lots of time give it a try because you can save a lot of money.
Havana club Posts: 113
I got mine online. Tried on a few in bridal shop and found one to best match my dress. Then spent few days searching eBay for the same. It was fingertip length. I found seller in America. And it was perfect when arrived after only 3 weeks. I only wore for church and photos so just couldn't justify spending hundreds. Even if u ordered two diff ones just incase u would still be saving. Another option my friend did was wait for one of the one day sales in bridal shop and got hers reduced to €50 from €220.
elle11 Posts: 25
I bought mine only from Etsy for about 30euro all up. I bought it at cathedral length (only because I'm unsure if I want it long or to the length of my dress - easily cut). If I'm honest, the quality of the fabric is not quite the same as a bridal shop would sell (maybe I only notice this because I am a sewer). But the quality the bridal shop sells is still not worth what they charge. If you have a fabric store near by you could always make your own? Go and purchase the fabric in the quality and colour you like, purchase a slide in clip/comb and pull it through the fabric. Really really simple, and it makes you wonder how they justify charging what they do!!! Good tutorial if you fancy it, she lines the edges of the veil though. ... dding-veil
Lisaanne Posts: 80
I'm debating this as well. Only problem is colour, my dress is a weird colour (has a nude underlay), I have a fitting Saturday so hopefully I'll pick a colour there and be able to get similar online, just hope when it arrives its the same colour as what's in the shop, they are charging €220 in the shop... just can't justify it.