Buying wedding dress and shoes in new york?

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eternity Posts: 7
Hi all, I was wondering is it worth considering buying the wedding dress and shoes in new york? Having bought the engagement ring there and seeing the savings we made we made we'll probably go back for the wedding bands. any one have any thoughts on how viable it would be to do in a 4 to 5 day trip?
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv I would definitly try and get them in new york, the savings are huge.. there is loads of bridal shops, but before you go, if your checking out any of the shops on the net, make sure you email them to see if you need an appt.. In my experience 4 to 5 days is plentiful in NY, cause all you do is shop :o0 :o0 When i was planning our wedding, i was brought over for my birthday, i had seen this gorgeous FG dress through RK Bridal website, and i was about to ordered it, but i thought sure i am heading over, so i will get it there.. What a decision, as i saved over $150.. The price from their website was $180. I only found out after they go through another company called Little Angels or something like that, anyway we went to Jersey Gardens and there was the shop, got the exact dress for $30, huge saving, brand new... I have to say i was gutted that i had ordered my dress here, but at the time i didn't know i was going :o( .. Here is a photo of the FG dress.. [img:2qhnce1e][/img:2qhnce1e] Hope it's of help to you :xox
bridezilly Posts: 343
i arrived in new york at 1pm, arrived in bridal shop at 2, at 4.45 had bought dress, veil, tiara. Next day went to look at shoes, lads waistcoats, centrepeices, invitations, F.G jewellery etc etc - majority of it sorted. Next day, touristy stuff with bridesmaids. Home the next day !
May09Bride Posts: 1050
I did a 5 day trip with my mum, got dress, veil tiara etc at RK Bridal, plus I went to other shops, caught a show etc etc... so you will have loads of time to get it all done,
eternity Posts: 7
cool - thanks for the super information! sounds like its worth doing from a financial perspective so