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Emloumanryan Posts: 120
Hello all I fell in love with a dress on Saturday which I tried on in a shop in Limerick. Its coming in at nearly €2700 with the veil, I have seen it on an American website for a fraction of the price but I am just a little nervous about buying online. Has anyone ordered their dress from an American site I am just worried in case they are not genuine. I am looking at Isabellas and wedding retailer or if someone could recommend a site they used I would really appreciate it. Thanks a million, its a pronovias dress if that makes any difference
Sarah_Mexican Posts: 25
Hi Emloumanryan, Congrats on finding your dress! :o)ll I don't have any experience with ordering a wedding dress online from the USA, but I did order shoes once and wasn't aware that I would have to pay extra to import them into Ireland! This on top of the original price of the shoes and shipping ended up costing me more than the price of them here! >:o( I also seen a forum somewhere where a girl was buying a dress which had a feather detail on it & she was having awful hassle trying to identify the bird from which the feathers origniated from! :eek So definately look at all the hidden details before buying abroad. Good Luck! :wv
roco1976 Posts: 287
Hi Em, Ok I personally would never buy a wedding dress online. All you are getting is a cheap imitation. The photos of the dresses you are looking at on these websites are actually stolen from the original designers own websites. For instance, you say it's a Pronovias dress you want from this site. Go to the Pronovias website and you will see that it's the same photo. Much cheaper materials are used (if the same at all) and the seamstress' are nowhere near as skilled as the designers own. These companies have dreadful reviews and there are so many horror stories of brides being ripped off and receiving dresses that would be more worthy of a Halloween costume shop than a wedding. If you have already found the dress you love then do what I did. Buy it 2nd hand for a fraction of the price. There are literally thousands of brides out there trying to sell their gowns to make a bit of money back. My dress would have cost 2,800 new. I'm not at all embarrassed to say I bought it for 500e (I did haggle the price down also) and it is in absolutely perfect condition. I just couldn't justify to myself paying so much money if I didn't have to. It's a huge gamble buying a dress you have never seen from an imitation company. Trust me. Congrats :wv