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Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
the consultant/hospital?? I still havent decided if I'm going private or public (no semi-private in my area), and I think the same doctor does both. I have an GP appointment next week and was going to wait and discuss it with her then....I'll be just over 8 weeks at that stage. Is that too late?
sinion Posts: 6050
I'm guessing it depends on the hospital and the area you're in, if it's going to be busy. I booked semi-private at the Rotunda when I was 4 and a half weeks and the first appointment they had free was at 16 weeks, so I guess if I'd left it any later I would have been seen a lot later. But your hospital mightn't be as busy, there's no way of knowing really. Maybe you could ring the hospital and find out if you're ok to leave it another while before deciding?
nu Posts: 50
Hiya, It really depends on where your from - I live in Louth and was planning on going to Daisyhill in Newry, I rang to book consultant at about 6 weeks pregnant and they were all fully booked for the whole month of July so my only other option was to go to Drogheda - got a recomendation and when I rang to book the date was free. So I suppose it's pot luck really but if you have a consultant in mind I would ring and book to be on the safe side - you can always cancel before 1st appointment!