C Section Birth Story

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billygate Posts: 952
ok Girls - my birth story: I had already had two c sections, one was on ds1 emercency one and the second was an elective c section on ds2 so a natural birth was out of the question for me. After reading a post from hipbaby before discussing a participative c section where the mum is more involved in the birthing process and realising that we had the same consultant I pm'ed her to find out more about it........................... and so it began........... Tuesday 30th of March: Went down to visit my consultant, had scan, gave bloods, signed consent form and was told to fast from midnight and come back the following morning for roughly 9am for c section. Wednesday 31st of March, came back to hospital as planned, got into my backless nightie!!! and waited till we were called, at around 12pm I was brought down to theatre for my Natural C Section. So, once I had the spinal block in and was numb my consultant commenced the c section, I could see everything as the curtain was quite low down and so could hubbie, it was very calm, wasnt all blood and guts and the consultant talked me through the process, Once bubs head was out, they lowered the curtain completely and lifted my upper body up so I could push a little which helped get the baby out and guide the baby up onto my chest so I could have some skin to skin contact, the consultant then passed the scrissors to my hubbie and let him cut the umbicial cord.....all that i have never experienced in any of my other c sections, the atmosphere was relaxed and calm, wonderful birthing experience...........we had a baby boy....hubbie went up with the baby while I went to recovery...I was getting sick from the spinal medicine so the anthanist (sp) was injecting me with something to try and stop the vomiting. Hubbie and midwife had said they would ring downstairs to me with the babys weight, then it was time for me to go back to the ward, I was being pushed back to my room still not knowing what weight the babs was and wondering why hubbie hadnt rang down when I went passed a room and saw my hubbie, midwife and a doctor looking at the baby all very serious and worried. While Hubbie was feeding our little man he started grunting and then started going blue in colour. He was then rushed down to the special care baby unit (scbu). A junior doctor came over to me in my bed, me with my head in a bag still getting sick and said to me, "Hi, there is a problem with your baby, he either has fluid in his lungs or a cardiac problem", talk about scaring the bejaysus out of me Hubbie then appeared explained what had happened and told me bubs would need to have a chest xray - skip all the scariness that went on and cutting to the diagnosis - Lochlann had a condition called ttn, which basically means he had fluid on his lungs as a result of being a c section baby So for the duration of my stay Lochlann was in the scbu, firstly in an incubator with iv fluids then small feeds through a nose tube until finally bottle feeds, he was discharged on thursday but we had to leave the hospital and bring him to crumlin for an echo cardio exam which thanfully came back all clear and normal So we have been home since thursday lunch time, it was heartbreaking leaving my boy and going home without him I never thought that would happen, last night it was our first night home he took a feed at 10.50pm and slept til 3.25am took another feed and went down until 7 30am!!! hope that wasnt a fluke and he'll be angel His two big brothers are amazed by him, no killings yet So all in all my birthing experience was wonderful, it was the manic of a sick baby that was awful afterwards,......oh yeah forgot to mention he was 9lbs 10ozs!!! Congrats to all the other April Mammies so far and best of luck to all those who are getting ready to pop!!!
curliwurli Posts: 3369
oh that must have been so scary for you both, glad to hear you are all doing well now!! the c-section sounds lovely and calm.
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Billygate, lovely story am a wee bit jealous!!! But well done and so glad Lochlann is doing well! :o)ll :o)ll