C-Section in the Coombe / Holles Street...Gentle C-Section?

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mimiblossom Posts: 589
Has anyone had a c-section in the Coombe? I have had 2 sections in Holles Street and I am wondering if the Coombe has better treatment of mothers that have had a section. I really struggle with the complete lack of skin to skin. And I hate the separation while I am in recovery and baba is in nursery with DH. I am interested in getting more information on Consultants / Hospitals that will allow a gentler approach to a section. Possibly even an active section. Thanks! :lvs
Missus2012 Posts: 967
I had a c section in the coombe and got skin to skin contact in theatre and baby was only lifted off me while we were moved to recovery when he was returned to my chest to try start breastfeeding. I asked the consultant beforehand and he didn't think it was possible but I asked the midwife before going down and she said yes of course and tore my gown at the front to make space. Even if skin to skin wasn't possible I couldn't imagine being separated from him at all. the recovery room had all the babies in there with their mamas and dads.
mimiblossom Posts: 589
Thanks for the reply. That sounds really nice.