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Jenny0305 Posts: 845
My baby is breach and am 37 weeks on Friday, I have a scan on Friday to check again (baby was head down at 33 weeks), if they find it hasn't turned what is the schedule for a c-section. Is it a week before your due date or how do they decide. Thanks for any info. re c-sections.
doolittle Posts: 910
Hi I had en elective section but my case was a little diff. I was 5 days over and baby hadnt engaged at all so they kept me in and I was sectioned at 7 days over. If you want to ask any q s about the section do feel free to ask but even if you are breech I would hae thought they would wait till your due date anyway? There s gal here Spanish bump that you could ask she was breech and had a section in March
Perci Posts: 3847
Hiya, it depends on the consultant, the hospital and the baby! I had a section for a breech baby and it was scheduled for 37.5wks but my baby was very low with his bum engaged so they didn't want to risk me going into labour early. They'll definitely schedule you before the due date as they'll want it to be a planned section rather than an emergency section if you were to go early.
mammak Posts: 489
hey, if your having a planned section for whatever reason its usually before your due date, usually a week or so. But my cons told me that the new recommendation is that they allow you to go into labour and then have a section, its better for baby seemingly. Now i don't know how common that practise is and its a new thing but ask your cons. As far as i knew its always been early for section.
spanish mum Posts: 2468
Hi Spanish Bump here. Yes, my baby was breech and i went in for a scan at 39 weeks. DS was still breech and big (for my size) so they scheduled me in for the next day. They agreed that they prefer to undertake an elective section early, so that the bum doesnt engage.
Jenny0305 Posts: 845
Thanks for that guys, I will know on Wed. and I would imagine they will do the section before my due date as I was 10 days early with last pregnancy. Thanks again for replies, good luck to everyone.