C section scary story

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Krazy Posts: 289
Deleted - didn't mean to get that reaction. was going for the honest approach but not being appreciated so removed. (If people didn't like reading scary stories on this, it was all in the title!)
curliwurli Posts: 3369
are you absolutely sure this actually happened? no offence meant but sounds pretty hard to believe, plus how on earth was it not in the papers or the news???
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
sounds like an urban legend
Krazy Posts: 289
No I can honestly say it's 100% true. can't go into detail of who it is or where it is because I don't know if they are planning to sue and don't want to cause any hassles that way. It definitely happened though - no reason for the husband of that woman to lie.
Aurge Posts: 1456
Well in my case my stitches were taken out before I even went home & I was already starting to heal. So mayeb it is true but deffo sounds very suss to me.
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
I know a girl who's stitches opened while she was still in hospital & she was left holding her insides in her hands. No urban legend at all, I know this girl very well. She was rushed straight to theatre & spent 2 hours there before everything was back in it's right place. It is scary stuff.
Krazy Posts: 289
Maybe someth to get your OH to write on your tummy before you go into have the op..."Be sure to stitch up properly!!"" Kinda like when you're getting a kidney removed and you write on the good one "Don't take this one"!!!
randomusername Posts: 2134
I hate reading half stories like this on here. Fair enough if its coming from the person it happened to so we can know if there was anything leading up to it and the outcome with the hospital etc but when I read half information it fills me with more terror then I'm already filled with about labour and birth :o(
jessbud Posts: 429
When I had my 2nd section I was stapled and was told to go to my doc on day six to get them taken out. She started at the edge first and after taking two out she had to stop as she said I wasn't closed up and she could see the wound opening. She put paper stiches over where she had taken the two staples out and taped me up all along the wound and warned me not to even pick up the baby or bend at all. I had to go back after two days to try again, this time she took the edge ones off and left it at that. Was stapled up for nearly two weeks. I was stapled on my first and had them taken out in the hospital after four days and was grand, this time the doc said it looked like the surgeon had given me a mini tummy tuck. He had pulled the skin up and turned it under and than stapled it to the rest, like a hem. Don't know why it was done that way but even the doc couldn't believe how long it took for the wound to close up. Now everyone is different and each hospital does it different ways (staples, stitches) so don't want anyone to get freaked out, as I said was grand on my first section. Maybe on this one he did think I needed a little tummy tuck although could have done with a bit of lipo while he was at it.
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
ok people stop panicking even if this did happen the first layer of sticthes would have opened and thats it!!! after a section they stitch you in layers ie uterus muscle more mucle fat cells then eventually skin. people tend to exagurate (sp) a lot when it comes to childbirth etc ie i was in labour for four days etc also this woman would have been told on discharge not to do any heavy lifting or heavy housework for six weeks post op. trust me there was no way she was holding her insides on the floor :o0