C-section stories- Tell me about yours.

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katiemomma Posts: 2690
Hi ladies I am now booked in for a c-section when I will be 36+6 as I am expecting twins. we were all set for natural birth until yesterday when twin 1 had turned breech so if he does not turn again then looks like I will have to have my dreaded section and dreaded epidural :o( Can you fill me in on Catheter, epidural/spinal/General anesthetic or whatever was used to numb you. Can you fill me in on the bleeding afterwards as I have had one natural birth and bled for 6 weeks just wondering if with a section it will be different? And the stitches and scar tell me everything if possible. I have one week to get myself clued in and to get myself out of this state of shock I am in at the moment. I really appreciate any advice you can give me. I am having our babies in CUMH which is a different hospital to my first. Do they take baby away after a section at night? I haven't a clue!
B2B 14 Posts: 3
Had an emergency C-section Nov 2012. Was at a doctors appointment when he advised me that baby would need to be delivered that day. I knew in advance that baby was going to be delivered by c-section and had no choice in this due to baby small size. Overall the experience was fine although I do feel like I missed out by not having a natural birth as I only got to hold my baby for 2 mins before he went off to SCBU. Not sure whether I had a spinal or an epidural but either way that part of the process was not painful. Most uncomfortable part was when he was digging his fingers into my back to find correct spot. Once epi took effect I didn't feel a thing, I heard the obstectrican asking for a catheter to be done but felt nothing while it was being done. Only time I felt anything during the section was when obstectrian was feeling round for baby and pulling him out. Alot of pressure which sort of took my breath away but absolutely no pain. Not sure whether it was the pain killers or the shock of having an emergency section but I felt quite out of it during the whole thing. Recovery room was lovely, they wrapped me up in what I can only describe as an electric blanket and gave me oxygen through nose for awhile. Just felt relaxed and sleepy during this time. After an hour or so I was wheeled out to my own room where I was kept very comfortable pain wise for the rest of the day. Legs started regaining feeling quite quickly. I asked to be brought up to see my baby in SCBU later that evening. Sitting up was painful but was helped by 2 nurses to get upright and into a wheel chair was felt a little light headed. That was the worst of the pain, sitting up. Catheter removed the next morning, no pain here. Had bleed quite a bit during the night so insisted I be helped out to have a shower. Difficult to dry ones self but I wanted to regain some dignity so insisted on doing shower myself while nurse waited outside. Pain got better each day, turning over in bed was sore but rest was ok once I took it easy. I would advise taking it as easy as you can once released from hospital. My baby stayed on in hospital so I was running around way too much at the start which I think caused the wound to get slightly infected and extended the healing time. Bleed intermittently for 6-8 weeks. My baby was in special care so not sure if babies are normally taken at night or not, think they are taken first night anyway. Stitches were disolveable ones so nothing had to be removed.
Rocky Posts: 465
I've had 2 sections- first by general anesthetic and 2nd by spinal. Just to make you aware your birth partner wont be able to come in until with the spinal one until they are ready to operate. i was hoping he could hold my hand when getting it but no. Afterwards the catherer is a bit weird to be honest and it's not sore when they take it out, but uncomfortable. Worst thing for me was the morphine, hated the stuff. Once i got over that it wasnt too bad. You can then take suppostitories or oral medication for the pain but wait to see how you are feeling each time to decide. And another thing i got from general was the most horrendous 3 days of pain in my shoulder, weird i know, but it caused from blood getting caught under your diaghram or something. that was worse than pain from wound. That wouldnt happen to everyone though just a side affect. And i also ended up back in hospital 2 weeks after general as they left bits behind and i had bad pain. Didnt end up with D&C though just bleed for couple of months. Afterall the horror bits, it's really not bad at all. The 2nd section with spinal i didnt seem to have any problems to be honest. And on the baby, you have to keep them on first night and all other nights if it's elective. Though id say if emergency they might have to help you for first 6 hours if during the night
Lauri Posts: 195
I had an emergancy c section 3weels ago in Cumh when I first heard the word section I have to be honest I got really upset but I had a fantastic midwife and when it came to the section i was fine with it I went in to theatre first and they got everything ready while my hubby was outside putting on his gown!!! When I first saw my little girl i totally forgot about everything.. When in recovery room after I have to admit I was thinking its morning time staff are always busy with handovers etc I was what am I going to do if she wakes up as I knew my husband needed to get sleep also as I went in Friday lunch time and no baby until the Sunday morning, but again really lucky the staff changed her for me put her into the bed do I could feed her and they put her back in and she just slept until she wanted to be fed, and they took her the first nite and as I was bf they brought her down every 3hrs and took again until morning!!! As regards the epidural it was fine no side effects and it worked super quick, the catheter didn't know it was there and the wound is healing nicely (touch wood), I'm stl bleeding but it's very light the first 2/3days were the heavest where I did have to wear the maternity pads. My scar is very tidy and I got the stitches that dissolve. The worst for me is the not driving but my gp might let me back after4weeks as I live in the country and I'm so used to being on the road!!!! So overall I had a good experience and found the staff fantastic and not sure if it matters but I was a public patient. Hope this helps you but as you have probably been told its different for everyone but you'll be in good hands and best of luck it's all worth it!!!! :stork:
hils138 Posts: 680
Hi there, I have an elective section 40 weeks + 17 days as my little fella hadn't engaged and if they induced me it would have failed. I have only good things to say about my section. The operation room was very calm, my DH joined me after the epidural/spinal had been sorted. The birth was very tranquil, and afterwards my DH and my LO went up to the room and I went to recovery. I had my LO in Holles Street and you aren't allowed bring your newborn into the recovery room in case there is a lady there who has had a stillborn or a D&C. It was lovely for my DH to spend such precious time with the baby. When I went back up to the room my DH had made sure that they hadn't dressed the baby so that I could do skin to skin with him. I also was able to establish breast feeding with him. In relation to the bleeding, mine was quite minimal for a few weeks. I had a catheter previously and never had any problems, I would describe the removal as a weird sensation but not painful. the scar is quite small, you will wonder how they ever got a baby or two out of it!!! The only thing I was unprepared for was that they shave the top of your pubic hair. If I had know I probably would have done it myself!!! HTH
Delphinium Posts: 3027
I had an emergency section at the Rotunda last November due to failed induction of labour and for me it was a very positive experience. All the surgical team introduced themselves to me. It can be a surprise how many are on hand! You will have the consultant, anaesthetist, midwife and a few other nurses assisting. I was a bag of nerves and cried and shook all the way to theatre. The midwife talked to me and calmed all the way. My biggest fear was that the anaesthetic wouldn't take. But the anaesthetist was excellent and the worst bit was the coldness of getting the part of my back the needle was going into frozen! DH was allowed to join me once I had the anaesthetic and the catheter was in. I didn't feel the catheter. I felt some pressure and tugging as my DS was delivered but that was all. I cried with relief when my doctor said "Hello Mum and Dad!" lifting up our beautiful wailing DS for us to see for the first time! DS was cleaned up and nappied and dressed quickly and placed by my head while they they stitched me up. My op was after hours so there was no one else in recovery so they were able to give him back to me again in there. They undressed him to his nappy and placed him on my chest for skin to skin. We were then returned to my room. They did not take DS away from me but I had a midwife with me all night looking after DS when he woke. She placed him beside me in the bed to breastfeed when he needed fed and she looked after changing and settling him. She gave me a bed bath around midnight (3 hours or so after delivery) to freshen me up and changed my pads. I had my op at around 8.30pm. Feeling was beginning to come back in my legs by 1 a.m. A midwife helped me out of bed and made sure I could move about ok the morning after. The catheter was removed that afternoon. It was uncomfortable but I had no difficulty peeing after thankfully. I was sore moving about. Turning in bed or getting out of bed was worst but they give you plenty painkillers. Take them! Baby was with me all the time so I had to look after all the feeding, changing etc. They took him from me for a few hours on night 2 to let me get some rest but that was all. I found the nights tough as I was on my own - DH was there during most of the days to help. You will certainly get help with twins though I would imagine. My wound healed very well. I had the beads and they were really quick to remove and to heal. I got no infections or complications and was feeling relatively well after 2 weeks and back on the road after 6 weeks. Take all the help you can get when you get home. Veto all visitors unless they are there to cook your dinner and do laundry! And tell them so! I was terrified of the section but I would do it all again. Good luck!!