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rocco27 Posts: 24
Hi My VHI cover kicked in in Feb and we are TTC from this mth if i get pregnant this or next month i will not be covered for maternity-fair enough. If im lucky enough to conceive quickly i plan on going public but definatly want a c-section. I understand i will have to pay for this, around €1050, thats no problem. But i just would like some reasurance that you can book a c-section whening going public and i'll obviously pay for it, anybody know?? plus is that price right of €1050 Thanks in advance
Perci Posts: 3847
I doubt very much that you could book a c-section if you're going public. You would have a hard job convincing consultants to do a section unless it's medically necessary (even privately). Mount Carmel could be different.
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
I agree with Augusta, can't imagine you can pre-arrange a C-Section without a valid medical reason in any hospital, public, private or otherwise. Maybe a backhander to the consultant could help !!!!!! Joke!!!!!!
under construction Posts: 3458
Yeah i believe Mount Carmel are the only place in Dublin that you can ask for one. Unless you have had previous pregnancies that have needed c-sections already for medical reasons.
under construction Posts: 3458
Oops double post sorry