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coxy Posts: 34
Hey girls has anyone been told they might have to have a c-section? I had a scan today and my placenta is low so they will scan me in another 9 weeks to see if it has moved. This is my worse nightmare
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
I had one on DS after a very long labour as he was distressed, and it was fine, honestly. I'll prob need one on this baba too. My friend had a low lying placenta until 35 weeks, and it moved, se had a little boy naturally, no need for a section in the end, hopefully yours will move too. But if not, it really is OK, its a means to an end.
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
coxy I was told the same and so where a lot of other girls here but the placenta's can move as with mine and I can have a normal birth. Try not to worry about it until your next scan, how many weeks will you be then? I was 34 weeks when they scanned me again and all was fine.
coxy Posts: 34
I will be 34 weeks when i'm scanned again so hopefully the same will happen to me. I know i'm very lucky that my baby is healthy and i shouldnt complain.