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gaby Posts: 455
just quick question re c-section.not planning to have one but as we all know it doesnt mean i wont. my problem is DH is really bad in hospitals i mean really bad!!!and its taking alot for him to say hell be there for me.i have had to ask my mum to be on stand by just incase DH passes out during normal delivery so when talking to a doc she mentioned that we should discuss what would happen if i had to go for a section,as she put it there will be no time for him to think about it.she suggested that if he waited outside as he may find theatre too much and id be distracted with nurses checking on me etc so i wouldnt miss him. Is this true.i obviously want him there for support but if i wouldnt be talking to him all the time is there a point in truamatising him?i know ye are probably thinking what a wuss and he should suck it up but you cant help some fears.
Spoilt Princess Posts: 141
Hi Gaby! I had an emergency c-section on my little girl. My mum was with me - and she's an absolute disaster in hospitals! She found the worst part being all gowned up and waiting to go in. (I have a picture of her where she's literally as green as the surgical gown they put on her!) When we were in the operating room, I was in flying form! Talking away the whole time - so yes, I do think that it's really nice to have someone in there with you. The nurses and doctors were great - there was a green curtain-like thing put up over my tummy and my mum stayed beside my head, holding my hand and chatting away. She coped so well, and said it was a more magical experience than when she had me as she got to hold my little angel while I was being stitched up and she felt that she really bonded with her (that bond is still in evidence all the time when my daughter asks me if she can have a sleepover in granny's house!) Don't worry - when the time comes, he'll probably want to be there - and it's not like you see in the movies by any stretch of the imagination! Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!
gaby Posts: 455
Thanks Spoilt Princess.he does really want to be there and your right he will probably be fine but its the fear of the unknown for both of us really.im scared too but unfortunately i dont have a choice.at least you had a very positive experience and maybe the doc was just telling me the worst case senario.thanks again :thnk
MrsMoneypenny Posts: 783
gaby - i had an emergency section 10 weeks ago. the nurse is right when she says your DH won't have much time to think about it. My consultant made the decision for me to have a section and within 10 mins i was gowned and ready to go to theatre. and bear in mind my baby wasn't in any sort of distress but once the decision is made there is no holding back. i was brought into theatre first and my DH was gowned up and brought in just as they started on the section. He held my hand and stayed by my side and we wouldn't change any of it for the world. There were so many hospital staff around but it was so valuable to have him (or somebody special) with me. While i was left in recovery, my DH went with the midwife up to the warm bed for the baby and he got skin to skin contact with her. That is actually more than he thought he would have. i had 9 months to make a bond and then he had a very special time with our DD while he waited on me. ok i will stop waffling - but from my experience it was just fine for both of us.
zoesmama Posts: 2774
i had to have an emergency section and like the others have said if it does happen to you your DH will have no time at all. my DH had barely enough time to get gowned up and be beside me in time. there was a curtain up in front of my tummy so DH couldn't see anything until the Dr lifted DS up over it to show him to both of us. DH was holding my hand the whole time and that moment when we both saw DS was so special for both of us i wouldn't change a second of it.