Cabbage Soup Diet

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Comorgo Posts: 75
Anyone ever tried this?? Starting it today and just wondering how other ppl have found it?
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
Avoid like the plague...shared a house with a girl who did it. The smell was unbearable from her - gas to beat the band. She lost about 11lbs over 3 weeks (most of it water) and put it back on when she started to eat normally over the space of 6 weeks. Not the healthiest of options I am afraid maybe someone else will disagree with me.
mummyinlove10 Posts: 908
I really wouldnt advice this diet - gas aside its a quick fix and they just dont work - you'd be better to do a low calorie/fat diet and get some excercise in if you can You could have porridge in the morn or similar Make a big pot of veg soup just bung in every veg you like and add chicken stock and blitz (0pt ww soup)- great for lunches and when you feel peckish when you get in from work but have no dinner ready Dinners - do nice stir fry or stews or grilled chicken/fish with veg & baby spuds HTH - Good Luck :wv
Comorgo Posts: 75
Have been doing weight watchers for the past few months but christmas kinda messed things up a little for me. I have my first dress fitting on 20th of this month so I need a quick fix for that and then get back to dieting properly. :o( Think ill give this a shot for a week and see how it goes for me, if I get too gassey im sure H2b will let me know n ill stop!! :o0 Thanks for the replys guys.