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Pebbles3 Posts: 77
Ladies - just a word of warning! Ok heres the story, went looking at Cabra castle, thought it was fab and booked it for last summer paying a deposit of E2000. The staff i found nice but very soon we found there was no leeway on anything. Considering i was inviting approximalty 250 guests at approx €100 per head i found it mean that they wouldnt even throw in the chair covers. OK! thats no major deal but we found ourselves in a position where we were unable to go through with the date because of financial difficulties. We asked could we postpone until we got ourselves sorted and carry over the €2000 to another date and they said that we could if we sold the date. Unfortunatly we were unable to sell the date. In recent times luckily our financial situation has changed and we are now in a position to go ahead with the wedding. We contacted Cabra Castle, told them our situation and asked them would there be any way that we could transfer over our €2000 deposit and add another €2000 and book a new date. They simply said NO! They said that we didnt sell the original date and therefore lost the money. All I have to say is to me its the WORST business conduct i've ever had the misfortune of coming across. We would of had a wedding spending €25,000 (never mind the bar intake). Just cant believe it, there's no recession up there obviously. HA!! Since this we have booked somewhere else every bit as nice, and are dealing with staff who aside from being lovely are willing to negotiate. They have thrown in an upgrade package, a toast drink, and no corkage on our wine. To anyone having a wedding there, i genuinely hope you have a fab day and im sure that you will. To anyone thinking of booking Cabra Castle, i feel that there are other venues out there who will be more understanding to the times and are not just out for your money but genuinely are interested in your special day. Rant over i promise..... Onwards and upwards O-O [/b]
trice0208 Posts: 600
i cant believe that, seems like very bad business sense on their part. glad you found somewhere nice in end though
Oct09B2B Posts: 374
Squashy, It's great that you have got sorted with another venue. But have you considered the situation from Cabra Castle viewpoint - they possibly feel that you have already cost them 25000 by cancelling your wedding and are probably reluctant to take the risk again. Sorry to be a devils advocate!!
sandycove bride Posts: 98
Yeah I have to agree with squashy to a degree, unless they fill the date you cancelled they are sorely losing business as well. This is precisely why hotels take deposits. I would however have asked them to see if they could sell the date also and if someone took it than you get your deposit transferred to the next date but if nobody took your date that you lose your deposit, it might have been fairer.
sandycove bride Posts: 98
Sorry I meant to say that I agree with Oct09B2B - the last post
dancingfeet Posts: 826
When we first decided to get married I was looking a cabra castle as one of my venues. When I rang october 2008 to look at the venue for Nov, Dec 09 the member of staff just laughed at me and informed me not a hope did they have availability. We decided then to get married in Jan 10 and H2B asked me was I ringing Cabra castle again and I said no. So I'm not surprised at the way they treated you and you H2B which in my eyes is totally out of order.
minibuddy Posts: 320
Hi All, Im a Cabra b2b and i have gotten price reductions on the sorbet course and evening food without even asking and they also gave me the chair covers for nothing and my guests are getting a choice of three main courses for no extra charge. They also have reduced their prices from what they were last year including their guest rooms which im grateful for. I rang up cabra in Jan 08 to see what friday or saturdays they have free for 2009 (at this stage we werent engaged but knew that we would get married within the next two years) and they told me they were all booked up and only had a handful of dates free for 2010. So we booked our date 27 months in advance as i knew that when we got engaged towards the end of 08 that i would have had to wait til 2011. They were wrong to laugh at you and i can understand how that wouldnt have made you go running towards them to book but from my experience i have found them all very helpful to deal with.
joker Posts: 2789
The attitude of Cabra doesnt surprise me... for this reason we never and would not even consider having our wedding there...I live relatively local to cabra and have been to umpteen weddings there and have never been bowled over by their attitudes!!
JEFF Posts: 1
Just booked my wedding for spring 2011, guess where - Cabra castle! Only for my sister got married there two years ago i would be very worried about some of your comments. She had booked an earlier date which didn't work out and had no prblem transferring her deposit to onother date. i think if you pull out altogether and they don't re-sell that date then no, you don't get your money back - it does say all that on the form that i had to sign when i booked, so fair enough. My sister's big day was fab from beginning to end and i am looking forward to the same - so far everyone i've dealt with have been really helpful and thay are doing a price for us for meal, drink, chair covers etc. - seems to be the way all the hotels are going now. so sorry squashy - had to set the record sraight a wee bit - have only had good experiences at the castle as a bridesmaid and a B2B!!! Can't wait!!!
FinallyMrsH Posts: 358
I have to agree with Minibuddy & JEFF, we've our wedding booked for Dec 2010 and have been over in Cabra Castle 3 times between looking, booking and bringing mam over to see it and everyone we dealt with were very appriopriate and helpful and I'm hoping that that will all contiue for the next year!!!!!! One of my friends was at a work colleagues wedding there since we got engaged and had nothing but praise from her and the girl she works with! I'm sorry about your circunstances squashy, but it's so far so good for us :xox